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Hitesh Mandot
Date : 10-01-2023
gori nagori gori nagori

Big Boss famed Gori Nagori is a dancer and stage performer. Gori Nagori is a contestant of Big Boss 16 as of October 2022. Gori Nagori is a Rajasthani dancer and Stage performer.

Gori Nagori’s Biography

gori nagori biography

Gori Nagori is an Indian dancer from Rajasthan. Gori Nagori is a Rajasthani dancer and Stage performer. Gori Nagori’s real name is Gori  Malik. Gori Nagori’s other name is Taslima Bano. Gori Malik’s nickname is Shakira of Rajasthan. 

Gori Nagori's birth date is 11 June 1990. Gori Nagori’s birth year is 1990. Gori Nagori’s age is 32 years as of 2022. Gori Nagori’s birthplace is Nagaur, Rajasthan. Gori Nagori’s zodiac sign is Gemini. Gori Nagori’s father is Khalu Malik. Gori Nagori's brother is Ikka Malik. Gori Nagori’s sister is Ashu Malik. Gori Nagori's height is 5 feet 5 inches.

A well-known Rajasthani dancer and stage performer is Gori Nagori. Since releasing the renowned Rajasthani song Le Photo Le, she has gained a lot of popularity. She was known as the Shakira of Rajasthan by her followers. The real name of  Gori Nagori is Gori Malik. Since she was a young child, Gori Nagori has wanted to be a dancer. She once became a fan after watching Shakira dance on television. 


Gori Nagori sparked a sensation with her dance moves during the inauguration of the student union office at Rajasthan University in 2017. 

After the dance video went popular on social media, she was requested to perform in the 2019 Rajasthan song Le Photo le, which attracted 350 million views on YouTube. After that, she made appearances in a few songs, including Ganderi, Pone ki Bahu, and Kamar Tod Beteli. 

Gori Nagori is the contestant on Big Boss 16.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Gori Nagori is an Indian dancer and stage performer.
Gori Nagori is unmarried.
Gori Nagori's upcoming show is Big Boss 16.
Gori Nagori's net worth in Indian rupees is 1-2 crores in 2022.
Gori Nagori’s best show is Big Boss.
Gori Nagori's Father’s name is Khalu Malik.
Gori Nagori’s birthdate is 11 June 1990.
Gori Nagori is contestant in Big Boss.
Gori Nagori is contestant of Big Boss 2022.
Gori Nagori’s Instagram is @real_gorinagori
Gori Nagori’s salary is 5 lakhs rupees per month.
Gori Nagori’s boyfriend's name is Sunny Chaudhary
Gori Nagori's age is 32 years as of 2022.
Gori Nagori’s best song is Le Photo Le.
Gori Nagori's famous songs are Le Photo Le, Chham Chham and Matki.
Yes. Gori Nagori has a total net worth of 1-2 crores rupees.
Gori Nagori is contestant of Big Boss 16.
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