Trendy Birthday Wishes for Your Boyfriend

Your boyfriend is your support system, a partner in crime and a travel buddy. Though it is undeniable that you cherish his presence every single day of the year, his birthday calls for some extra effort and attention. If you have long been thinking of unique ways to wish him, we have you covered. We have some amazing and unique happy birthday wishes for your boyfriend that can be used for text messages, Instagram captions or handwritten cards.

Here is a wholesome list of thoughtfully curated, heart-touching birthday wishes for your boyfriend. Read on to find the best birthday wishes for your boyfriend.

We have some fantastic, hilarious, filmy and romantic happy birthday wishes for boyfriend to express your feeling with words. On this birthday, you can have remarkable and the best birthday wishes for boyfriend that will make him feel special.

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Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Filmy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Table Of Contents

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Here are some romantic birthday wishes for your boyfriend to let him know how incredible a partner he is to you.

  1. Happy birthday to the man of my dreams! Each day is special when I get to spend it with you. May you scale heights in life.

  2. I wish you a birthday as wonderful and loving as you are. I love you the most, my favourite human.

  3. Happy birthday to the best thing that ever happened to me. To have such a reliable, liberal, and loving boyfriend makes me incredibly delighted. Hope we have a lot of enjoyable memories this year.

  4. Happy birthday to my stunning and hot boyfriend. I love you to the moon and back!

  5. I cannot thank God enough for sending you into my life. Happy Birthday, Love!

  6. I am going to scream from the terrace that today is my bae's special day. Happy birthday, Sweetheart!

  7. Thank you for tolerating my mood swings and picking me up at my lowest. You are my ultimate support system and confidante. I love you. Happy Birthday!

  8. You are the one who makes my heart crave with your stunning looks. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. Happy birthday, Handsome!

  9. On your birthday, I won't miss out on letting you know how much happiness you bring into my life. Happy Birthday, Love!

  10. Happy birthday, my hero! Sending you sloppy kisses and teddy bear hugs for your big day.

  11. Dear Love, remember that no matter the situation, you shall always have me by your side. Happy Birthday!

  12. I am proud to be in love with a boy with a great heart. I love you for the human you are to me and everybody around you. Happy Birthday, Love!

  13. Wishing you a year filled with an abundance of joy, thrilling adventures and lots of chocolate pudding. Happy Birthday, Darling!

  14. May you have a day as unforgettable as I am. Happy Birthday, Love!

Short birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

These short heart-touching birthday wishes for your boyfriend will make him smile through his big day.

  1. Dear Bae, I fall deeper in love with you every passing day. You make my life complete. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy birthday to my champ, who will be forever young and beautiful.

  3. Hey Birthday boy, Make way for your birthday kiss. I Love you!

  4. Today is my second favourite day. The first one is the day when we met. Gear up to have a blast. Happy Birthday, Love!

  5. Happy Birthday, Love! I wish you a year full of accomplishments, success and laurels. May you sail through the high tides and reach your destination soon.

  6. Even the stars don't shine as bright as you, my Love. Happy birthday to the most humble and honest person I have ever come across in this life.

  7. Happy birthday to a phenomenal man who has an even more phenomenal girlfriend. I love you! 

  8. Let me be your genie for your special day. What else do you want after having the best girlfriend ever? Happy Birthday, Love!

  9. Loving you is an honour, but being loved and cared for by you is my biggest blessing. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

  10. You are the rainbow to my pale, colourless sky. Keep Shining bright. Happy Birthday, Boyfriend!

Long Distance Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend


Worried about how to make up for your absence on your boyfriend's birthday? You can make the most of these heart-touching distance birthday wishes for your boyfriend to tell him how much you miss him on his big day.

  1. I know the distance between us is big, but always remember my love for you is even bigger. Happy Birthday, Love! I miss you a lot.

  2. Hey Birthday boy, even this text is luckier than me to reach you on your big day. Have a wonderful Birthday! Sending you loads of Love, hugs and warmth.

  3. My eyes are craving to have a glimpse of you. No matter what, just know that you are always in my heart and my thoughts. Happy Birthday, Darling!

  4. Dear Love, I miss you on your birthday. Just know I would never give up on us for anything in this world. Have a great Birthday!

  5. I wish I could be a text message for a day so that I could reach out to you in a moment. Happy birthday, my man!

  6. Happy birthday to the best boyfriend in the world. I cannot imagine a single day without you.

  7. Thank you for being the person I come back to after a long day, even though we are miles apart. You make me feel complete in the most unexpected ways. Happy Birthday, Dear!

  8. Though I don't have you around me today, your thoughts are enough to make me feel happy and alive. I love you. Happy Birthday, My Hero!

  9. The distance between us is directly proportional to our Love. The farther we are, the more we fall in love with each other. Happy Birthday, Honey!

  10. May this be the last birthday we are celebrating apart. Nevertheless, I am sending you a big hug from miles away. Happiest birthday to you!

  11. Happy Birthday, Sunshine! thank you for bringing brightness and happiness to my everyday. I miss you.

  12. Miss holding your hand and seeing you fall asleep. Let's meet soon to celebrate together. Happy Birthday, Love!

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Emotional birthday wishes for your boyfriend are a great way to remind him of all the Love and care you hold for him in your heart. You can make his day special by just speaking your heart out with the help of these happy birthday wishes for your boyfriend.

  1. Little did I know I could be so lucky in Love. Thank you for existing. Happy Birthday, Darling!

  2. I am grateful to your mother for raising such a wonderful human being. You add beauty to my everyday. Sending you Happy Birthday greetings!

  3. Your arms are my safe haven. I miss being around you on this special day. Happy Birthday, My Love!

  4. The amount of joy you bring into my life is immeasurable. Happy Birthday, Love!

  5. My life has changed since the day I met you. Thank you for letting me know what it is to be in love with a magical human being. Happy Birthday!

  6. I need you to be by my side, and I can do wonders. Happy birthday to my biggest strength and inspiration for life.

  7. Every moment you stare at me, your gaze ignites a spark in my heart. Happy Birthday to my Darling!

  8. Happy birthday, my Mr perfect! I wish all your dreams come true this year.

  9. I love you with all my heart, not only for who you are but also for what I become when I am around you. Thank you for always encouraging me to be a better version of myself. Happy Birthday, Love!

  10. Your Love for me is like the rain on a summer evening that soothes my soul. I miss you. Happy Birthday, Darling!

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend


Remember to remind the love of your life that he holds your heart forever. These best birthday wishes for your boyfriend are sure to make his day memorable.

  1. Thank you for encouraging me to be a better version of myself. I hope you make the best out of your special day. Happy Birthday, Darling!

  2. I have always loved your funny and outgoing nature. But I love you even more for being so thoughtful and caring. Be the same. Happy Birthday, Love!

  3. Thinking of you today more than any other day of the year. Happy Birthday, Love!

  4. I'm so envious of how you draw crowds when walking into a room. Yet I feel so loved when you can't see anybody but me. Happy birthday, Handsome!

  5. Thank you for making me smile even when I didn't feel like talking. You drive me insane with your humility and kindness. I love you the most. Happy birthday, boy!

  6. Just before I lose hope in humility, God sent you to my life to reassure me how beautiful this world is with people like you in it. Many Happy Returns on your birthday!

  7. Thank you for calling me back when I hung up on you and standing in front of me when others hurled stones. You are my forever strength. Happy Birthday!

  8. Your smile makes the world come alive around me. Keep Smiling. The smile I live for. Happy Birthday!

  9. Together with you is my safe haven to be. Happy Birthday, Lifeline!

  10. Our relationship may not be perfect on all days but thank you for sharing an umbrella during stormy times in life. Happy Birthday!

  11. I am not worried about my tomorrow because one thing I am sure of is having you in it. Happy birthday, Love!

  12. You make my heart dance in joy, and my soul fly high like a free bird. Your Love makes me feel empowered. Happy Birthday, Love!

  13. In a world full of Instagram filters, you are my old handwritten letter in the last drawer I would always preserve. Happy Birthday, My Love!

These happy birthday wishes for your boyfriend are an amazing curation which depicts varied feelings of Love, care, fun, emotions and longing. These meaningful wishes give you an opportunity to make your man feel loved and special. You can choose from a wide variety of heart-touching birthday wishes for your boyfriend to celebrate the Love of your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you, unfortunately, have a long-distance relationship, then you can wish your boyfriend a happy birthday online. You can post a beautiful picture on social media and add some birthday wishes for him. You can find great birthday wishes for boyfriend from Tring India. There are unique filmy, romantic, heart-touching and unforgettable wishes for him. So, visit the website and find fantastic birthday wishes for boyfriend.
The unique way to wish your boyfriend is to write a handwritten note about how much you love him and express the importance of your relationship with him. You can visit the Tring website, which has suggested some unique and heart touching birthday wishes for boyfriend that will help you have unforgettable birthday wishes for him.
You can write many things on your boyfriend’s birthday paragraph, such as,’ You are the purest and the fantastic soul, some people love your look, some might love your nature, but I love the whole from top to bottom. You mean a lot to me, and I have often expressed to you about it, but today it’s your special day, so I would like to write everything, even the tiny things which can be appreciated and loved in you. Firstly you are the best brother, son and a wonderful boyfriend. You understand me like no one. Thank you for everything you have done for me and will do for me. Lastly, I love you and wish you a very happy birthday, my baby’. You can write such amazing words in the boyfriend’s birthday paragraph. For more, you can visit the Tring website, which has excellent birthday wishes for boyfriend.
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You can express your feelings by sending a beautiful heart touching text to make your boyfriend to make him feel special. Tring does have fantastic birthday wishes for girlfriend for example, ‘You are the best boyfriend I could ever ask for, you are my everything. I love you more than anything in this world.’ Such wonderful birthday wishes for boyfriends are listed on Tring’s website. Have a look at it and choose the best one to make him feel special over a text that speaks everything you feel for him.
'You are the most wonderful gift God has ever given me. 'Happy birthday, my darling.' 'I will make you my husband one day because you are my life. I love you– happy birthday, my boyfriend.' A romantic way to wish him is to express your love in words and with your heart. You can find more romantic birthday wishes for boyfriends can be found on Tring's website.
‘You are my Hero, My fortunate lucky charm. Happy Birthday, my darling.’ ‘You are the meaning of love in my life. I will always love you more than yesterday. Happy birthday love’ adding such words with your happy birthday wishes would make your wish extra special for him. You can find more birthday wishes for boyfriend on the Tring website.
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