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Dino Morea, Minissha Lamba, Gulshan Grover, Achint Kaur and Koena Mitra feature in the Hindi movie Anamika. Anant Mahadevan is the author and director, and Bhanwar Lal Sharma is the producer. Rebecca, a 1938 novel by Daphne du Maurier, served as the inspiration for the movie.

A wealthy industrialist from Rajasthan named Vikram Aditya Singh Sisodiya travels to Mumbai for a business meeting and demands the services of an escort who will double as his secretary for the day. Vikram decides to train Jia Rao to be a better escort after seeing how poorly she performs at her work as an employee of the escort agency. He makes a marriage proposal before the day is up, and she accepts.

She settles at his opulent bungalow and meets the caretaker Malini and the support staff, all of whom keep referring to the deceased Mrs Sisidoya. Jia is confined in the mansion because everything bears her stamp "A," until she gets the confidence to introduce herself as Mrs Sisodiya. By burying the ghost of the past, they both attempt to salvage their marriage, and by a stroke of luck, they both end up finding Anamika's body. Vikram is taken into custody when the body is discovered since he is suspected of killing Anamika. Then it is made clear that Malini, their housekeeper, arranged this because she was in love with Vikram. She made Anamika's cousin Sanjay appear to be an illicit liaison to Vikram.

Sanjay was seduced by Malini, and they both painted Anamika as a lifeless lady. After a heated argument with Anamika over her "unfaithfulness," Vikram storms off. Under the guise of rescuing Anamika from the desert cyclone, Malini pursues her. Later, she phones Vikram to inform him that Anamika has vanished and that the jeep she was riding in is stranded in a storm. Anamika was actually killed by a blow to the head when Malini attacked her. Jia is attacked by Malini, who then admits that she manufactured Anamika and was going to make the same of her. Vikram goes to help Jia, who is likely to perish in the fire by Malini, as soon as he realises what has happened. Vikram and Jia live their lives together peacefully as Malini burns herself to death.

Director Anant Mahadevan
Music By Anu Malik
Production Company Bhanwarlal Sharma Production, Shree Salaser Balaji Media Ent
Country of Origin India
Genre Romance, Drama
In Language Hindi
Producer Bhanwar Lal Sharma
Name Anamika

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anamika is a very popular Hindi movie
The release date of the movie Anamika is 2 May 2008
Anamika casts include Dino Morea, Minissha Lamba, Gulshan Grover, Achint Kaur and Koena Mitra
Anamika is directed by Anant Mahadevan
Yes. You can watch Anamika online on Hotstar and Youtube
The character name of Minissha Lamba in Anamika is Jia Rao.
The character name of Dino Morea in Anamika is Vikram Singh Sisodiya
The character name of Koena Mitra in Anamika is Malini.
The character name of Achint Kaur in Anamika is Vishakha Rajput
The character name of Gulshan Grover in Anamika is Shekhar Rajput.
Anamika has a runtime of 2 hours long.
Anamika released in the year 2008
The real name of Jia Rao from Anamika is Minissha Lamba.
Anamika VIkram Singh real name is Dino Morea
No. Anamika is not a new movie. It was released in the year 2008
Other movies like Anamika are Girl on the Train and Raaz.
There is no official Instagram ID of Anamika.

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