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भैरव चालीसा | Bhairav Chalisa - In Hindi, English, Doha, Benefits, Significance, and Practise

Bhairav Chalisa is a Hindu devotional hymn or prayer dedicated to Lord Bhairav, a fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva. The prayer comprises 40 verses or chaupais (quatrains) that recount the glory and divine attributes of Lord Bhairav. The Bhairav Chalisa is traditionally recited by devotees to seek protection, courage, and spiritual growth. It is believed that reciting the chalisa with devotion and sincerity can help in eliminating fear, anger, and negative energies, and bestow blessings and grace on the devotee. The first few verses of the Bhairav Chalisa praise Lord Bhairav's divine form and fierce nature, depicting him as the powerful protector against all evil forces. The following verses highlight Lord Bhairav's importance and significance in Hindu mythology, emphasizing his role as the deity who grants boons, destroys negativity, and brings peace and purity. The chalisa also recounts the various attributes of Lord Bhairav, such as his sharp teeth, radiant eyes, and his weapons, such as trident, sword, and drum. Additionally, the prayer acknowledges the importance of devotion and faith in Lord Bhairav, highlighting the fact that those who worship him with pure heart and mind are blessed with divine grace and protection. The Bhairav Chalisa concludes with a plea for Lord Bhairav's grace and blessings, with the assurance that he is the ultimate source of protection, courage, and benevolence. The chalisa is considered a powerful tool for spiritual growth and transformation, and many devotees recite it regularly to seek Lord Bhairav's blessings and grace. In summary, the Bhairav Chalisa is a devotional prayer that glorifies Lord Bhairav, one of the most powerful and revered deities in Hindu mythology. The prayer is recited to seek protection, courage, and spiritual growth and emphasises the importance of devotion and faith in Lord Bhairav for seeking his divine grace and blessings.

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  • Thread Ceremony

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