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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved TV series Baapmanus! Keep reading to know more about Baapmanus cast, Baapmanus OTT, watch Baapmanus online, Baapmanus Instagram, Baapmanus updates and more. 

Baapmanus is an Indian Marathi TV series that portrays the patriarch and tutor of his family, Dadasaheb Zunjarrao, who maintains his strength in the face of adversity. His son, Surya, decides to carry on his father's legacy. 

Harshad Paranjape is the director of the Indian TV series Baapmanus. The producers are Sanjay Bhagwat Zankar and Gaurav Avinash Ponkshe. The main cast of Baapmanus includes Ravindra Mankani, Suyash Tilak, Shruti Atre, Pallavi Ajay Patil, Sangram Samel, etc.

Baapmanus was first aired in the year 2017 on the 18th of December. Baapmanus is also available on OTT platforms like ZEE 5. The TV series Baapmanus has 291 episodes.

Baapmanus plot centres on Dadasaheb Zunjarrao's family politics and the struggle for control over propert, with Surya Zunjarrao, the father's son, attempting to carry on his father's legacy in the best possible manner.

Suyash Tilak, who plays Surya in the show, used the hashtag #baapmanus on Twitter to start a trend where people would post about the excellent person in their lives who leads them down the correct path. Later, on November 24, 2017, he confirmed that Baapmanus was a forthcoming serial on Zee Yuva.

Director Harshad Paranjape
Music By Rahul Suhas
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company Film Positives
Start Date 18 Dec 2017
Country of Origin India
Genre Family Drama
In Language Marathi
Producer Sanjay Bhagwat Zankar and Gaurav Avinash Ponkshe
Name Baapmanus

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Frequently Asked Questions

Baapmanus is a very popular Marathi family drama series
The release date of the TV series Baapmanus is the 18th of December 2017.
Baapmanus casts include Ravindra Mankani, Suyash Tilak, Shruti Atre, Pallavi Ajay Patil, Sangram Samel, etc.
The director of Baapmanus is Harshad Paranjape.
Yes. You can watch Baapmanus online on ZEE 5.
The character name of Ravindra Mankani in Baapmanus is Dadasaheb Zujarrao.
The character name of Suyash Tilak in Baapmanus is Surya.
The character name of Shruti Atre in Baapmanus is Geeta.
The character name of Pallavi Ajay Patil in Baapmanus is Nisha.
The character name of Sangram Samel in Baapmanus is Harshwardhan Sabnis.
The runtime of the TV series Baapmanus is 22 minutes for each episode.
There are 291 episodes in Baapmanus.
Baapmanus ended in the year 2018.
The real name of Chandra Baapmanus is Abhijeet Shwetachandra.
Baapmanus Ramakantrao real name is Sanjay Kulkarni.
No. Baapmanus is not a new series. It was released in the year 2018.
Other TV series like Baapmanus are Phulpakharu and Durva.
There is no official Instagram ID of Baapmanus.

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