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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved movie Bhakharwadi! Keep reading to know more about Bhakharwadi cast, Bhakharwadi OTT, watch Bhakharwadi online, Bhakharwadi Instagram, Bhakharwadi updates and more. 

An Indian comedy television series called Bhakharwadi debuted on Sony SAB on February 11 of this year. Hats Off Productions produced it.

The COVID-19 pandemic in India caused a delay in the transmission of the show in the final week of March 2020.

  When it returned, the programme finished filming and aired its final episode on August 28, 2020. It starred Deven Bhojani, Bhakti Rathod, Tejal Adivarekar,Prakash Waghela, Amit Soni.

The plot of the Pune-based film Bhakharwadi centres on two nearby families that work together in the Bhakharwadi store. Mahindra Thakkar, his wife Urmila, and their lone child Gayatri make up the Gujarati Thakkar family. Balakrishna "Anna" Gokhale, his wife Jyotsana, and their offspring Prabhakar, Keshav, Amol, and Abhishek make up the Marathi Gokhale family. Due to her unauthorised marriage to Jayant, a filmmaker, Anna had disowned his daughter Vibhavri. With the exception of Abhishek, all of the Gokhale siblings are married and have kids.

Due to their opposing philosophies, the Gokhale and Thakkar families have strained relationships. As soon as Abhishek and Gayatri fall in love, things become difficult. Their families approve of their marriage and it occurs. Abhishek had intended to tell Anna at their marriage that they had opened a Gokhale Bandhu branch in Ahmedabad, but before he did, he found out for himself, and Anna ejected Abhishek. Gayatri, on the other hand, supports Anna, while Mahendra and Urmila support Abhishek. As a result, numerous small disagreements eventually escalate. One of these disagreements occurs when Abhishek and Mahendra switch roles to become two job-seeking ladies, Sulakshana and Chandramukhi.

But Keshav helps catch them. Abhishek begins to gain Anna's trust out of boredom but is consistently exposed. In the end, Abhishek and Gayatri are able to put their problems behind them. Gayatri conceives a child.

7 years later in Season 2 of Bhakharwadi - Zaayke Ka Naya

Krishna is the son of Gayatri and Abhishek. Although the two families are still at odds, they put on a good face for Krishna. Their health has suffered as a result of these fights: Anna has hearing loss, and Mahendra frequently forgets things. A major misunderstanding involving a third party led to the divorce of Gayatri and Abhishek. Krishna learns that his parents have divorced and that the two families have split off.

He desires a divorce from his family as a result. When Abhishek, Mahendra, and Urmila go to speak with Krishna, they learn that Krishna is aware of Abhishek's previous divorce with Anna. Gayatri is supported by his son-in-law Anna, while Abhishek is supported by the Thakkar family. Gayatri witnessed Abhishek spending time with another woman named Anjali when they were on vacation in a hotel room in Goa, which is what prompted the divorce. Their home is the location of a court hearing, which is unsuccessful. Krishna intends to reconcile his parents with the help of his cousins (Ujwala and Mandar), Chirag (Gayatri's cousin), and Keshav. He upholds a promise that he will move in with his parents if one of them marries first.

The Thakkar family chooses a woman named Aishwarya to be Abhishek's bride, while Anna discovers and chooses Aprateem Joshi to be Gayatri's groom.

Aprateem and Aishwarya are later revealed to be Munna Pandey and Munni Pandey, two disguised Bhojpuri thugs. A lender named Munna offers Keshav some cash for a month at 5% interest, but Munna lies and claims he charged 5% interest daily while threatening Keshav. Keshav overheard Munna at the time discussing having his sister, Munni Pandey, married. After hearing this, Keshav comes up with a cunning strategy to avoid paying the money and suggests to Munna that his sister get married to Abhishek.

Munna accepts the offer, and Keshav begins preparing them accordingly before sending them to the Gokhale and Thakkar families as Aprateem Joshi and Aishwarya, respectively. Additionally, Keshav employs Ujjwala, Chirag, and Krishna in his cunning scheme. Both are successful in gaining the families' trust, and Munni is prepared to wed Abhishek. However, Munna really wants to wed Gayatri for her assets—her home, shop, and property—and if this doesn't happen, she'll kill Keshav.

Mahendra, Mandar, and Ujjwala overhear this talk and learn all the details. Before they could alert anyone, Munna captures them and holds them hostage. Urmila and Chirag are making every effort to learn more about Anjali online, but she has blocked them at this point.

Everyone hurries to prevent the marriage after Abhishek successfully rescues Ujjwala, Mandar, and Mahendra from the thugs. However, when Gayatri and Anna are informed of this, they adamantly disagree and refuse to accept it. They make every effort to break up the marriage, but in vain. Keshav is afraid to talk for fear of losing his life. In the midst of their final ceremony of marriage, Krishna begs for a miracle, when Anjali at last arrives to annul the union and allay Gayatri's concerns. Abhishek was aiding Anjali by posing as her lover while maintaining that he was not having an adulterous affair. Anjali confesses that her marriage was scheduled with a horrible guy. Gayatri therefore sees her error. Gayatri and Abhishek got remarried.

The Gokhales and Thakkar families are currently engaged in a humorous debate over where Krishna will reside. They are able to stop fighting once Krishna calms them down. The programme comes to an end when Anna and Mahindra compare their union to the acidic, sweet, and sour Bhakharwadi!

Director Dhaval Jitesh Shukal, Dipesh Harshad Shah
Music By Paresh Shah
No. of Seasons 2
Production Company Hats Off Productions
Start Date 11 Feb 2019
Content Location Pune
Country of Origin India
Genre Sitcom
In Language Hindi
Producer Jamnadas Majethia,Aatish Kapadia
Name Bhakharwadi

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bhakharwadi is a very popular hindi tv series.
Bhakharwadi Shoot location is Pune.
The release date of the Tv series Bhakharwadi is 11 February 2019.
Bhakharwadi casts include Deven Bhojani, Bhakti Rathod, Tejal Adivarekar,Prakash Waghela, Amit Soni.
Bhakharwadi was directed by Dhaval Jitesh Shukal, Dipesh Harshad Shah.
Yes. You can watch Bhakharwadi online on SonyLiv.
The character name of Deven Bhojani in Bhakharwadi is Balkrishna Gokahale.
The character name of Paresh Ganatra in Bhakharwadi is Mahendra Thakkar.
The character name of Bhakti Rathod in Bhakharwadi is Urmila Thakkar.
The character name of Amit Soni in Bhakharwadi is Mr.Parag Shinde.
The character name of Tejal Adivarekar in Bhakharwadi is Bharati Gokhale.
There are 327 episodes in Bhakharwadi.
Bhakharwadi ended in the year 2020.
The real name of Balkrishna Gokhale Bhakharwadi is Deven Bhojani.
Bhakharwadi Urmila Thakkar real name is Bhakti Rathod.
No. Bhakharwadi is not a new series. It was released in the year 2019.
Other TV shows like Bhakharwadi are Badi Dooooor Se Aaye Hai and Jijaji Chat Per Hain.
There is no official Instagram ID of Bhakharwadi.

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