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An Indian Hindi-Punjabi love drama television series called Choti Sarrdaarni was created by Cockcrow and Shaika Entertainment. Its name translates to "Youngest Sarrdaarni." It made television history by featuring a male lead who consistently wore a turban. It began airing on Colors TV on July 1, 2019, and it finished on June 10, 2022, with 810 episodes. The film's principal actors included Nimrit Ahluwalia, Avinesh Rekhi, Mahir Pandhi, Amandeep Sidhu, and Gaurav S. Bajaj alongside Riya Shukla, Krishna Soni,Simran Sachdeva,and Dhrishti Garewal.

The vivacious Meher Kaur Dhillon is the daughter of Kulwant Kaur, the village Sarpanch. Kulwant stabs and tosses Manav Sharma in the river after learning that Meher is expecting a kid with her unstable financial partner Manav Sharma. She then coerces Meher into marrying Sarabjit Singh Gill, the widowed leader of Amritsar's ruling party and mother of Paramjit, a 5-year-old boy, in order to get MLA status. Meher agrees, marries Sarab, and flees from Kulwant with her unborn child.

Sarab is first furious when Meher tells him she is pregnant, but later welcomes the child. They eventually start to fall in love, and Meher gives birth to Karanjeet. Aditi, Sarab's half-sister, enters seeking retribution for her traumatic past. Manav returns, alive but lacking recollection, falls in love with Aditi, and they get married.

He discovers that Karan is his son after regaining consciousness, but eventually gives him to Sarab and moves on with Aditi. Meher is in jail after being accused of killing her brother Jagga. She is not saved by Sarab.

Meher was granted bail five years later and now lives in Kashmir with her daughter Seher. The expatriates Sarab, Karan, and Param return to India. It turns out that Tarkash, the Gills' accountant, killed Jagga and was sentenced to prison. Sarab accepts Seher and makes peace with Meher. He also reunites Meher with Trilochan Singh Dhillon, her living father. Sad to say, an accident later results in Sarab and Meher's deaths.

After 16 years, Param, Karan, and Seher mature. Rajveer Singh Babbar, whom Seher befriends and who immediately falls in love with her, is devastated when she introduces him to Kunal Malhotra, her lover, and when Seher later gets engaged to Kunal. However, Harshdeep, the chief minister of Punjab, the sister of Rajveer, blackmails and murders Kunal. Seher and Rajveer eventually get married and quickly fall in love. Later, she conceives but miscarries. After learning that she had slain Kunal, Rajveer moves to the Gill house and leaves Harshdeep. It is revealed that Khushi Bajwa, Seher's cousin, fell in love with Rajveer four years ago. However, she also gave birth to a son named Prince, whose real father is Khushi's friend Avinash Gupta. Seher and Rajveer decide to adopt Prince when Khushi departs.

A fresh tale starts

Kulwant informs Seher that her social anxiety led her to abandon her unborn grandchild Mannat Kaur. She is now an adult and resides in Dalhousie with her mother Harnoor, who passes away after telling Mannat about Dhillons. Seher chooses to retrieve Mannat. In Dalhousie, Mannat meets Zorawar Singh Randhawa, Dolly's grandson, and hides her identity before travelling to Attari to live with the Gills and Dhillons. Later, Kulwant learns the truth about Mannat and rejoins her. Seher and others eventually learn that Mannat is Bittu and Harnoor's child.

Mannat and Zorawar afterwards fall in love with one another. But Kulwant chooses to marry Mannat to Nirvair, while Dolly chooses to marry Zorawar to Scarlet. Later on, though, Kulwant caves in to Mannat's demands and marries her to Zorawar. As Choti Sarrdaarni comes to a close, the family gathers and takes a family photo near the image of Sarab and Meher.

Director Jaladh K. Sharma, Rajeev Srivastava, Prabhat Rawat
Music By Monu Music India, Nishant Raja, Mohammad Moinuddin, Swati Thakur
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company Cockcrow& Shaika Entertainment
Start Date 01 Jul 2019
Content Location Mumbai
Country of Origin India
Genre Soap Opera
In Language Hindi
Producer Rajesh Ram Singh, Pradeep Kumar, Piya Bajpayee,Shaika Parween
Name Choti Sarrdaarni

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Frequently Asked Questions

Choti Sarrdaarni is a very popular hindi tv show.
Choti Sarrdaarni Shoot location is Mumbai
The release date of the tv show Choti Sarrdaarni is 1 July 2019.
Choti Sarrdaarni casts include Nimrit Ahluwalia, Avinesh Rekhi, Mahir Pandhi, Amandeep Sidhu, and Gaurav S. Bajaj, Riya Shukla, Krishna Soni,Simran Sachdeva,and Dhrishti Garewal
Choti Sarrdaarni is directed by Jaladh K. Sharma, Rajeev Srivastava, Prabhat Rawat.
Yes. You can watch Choti Sarrdaarni online on VOOT, JioCinema.
The character name of Nimrit Ahluwalia in Choti Sarrdaarni is Meher Kaur Dhillon Gill.
The character name of Avinesh Rekhi in Choti Sarrdaarni is Sarab Singh Gill.
The character name of Mahir Pradhi in Choti Sarrdaarni is Rajveer Singh Babbar.
The character name of Amandeep Sidhu in Choti Sarrdaarni is Mannat Kaur Dhillon.
The character name of Gaurav Bajaj in Choti Sarrdaarni is Zorro Singh Randhawa.
There are 810 episodes in Choti Sarrdaarni.
Choti Sarrdaarni ended in the year 2022.
The real name of Meer Kaur Dhillon Gill Choti Sarrdaarni is Nimrit Ahluwalia.
Choti Sarrdaarni Avinesh Rekhi real name is Sarab Singh Gill.
No. Choti Sarrdaarni is not a new series. It was released in the year 2019.
Other TV shows like Choti Sarrdaarni are Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani and Bani-Ishq Da Kalma.
There is no official Instagram ID of Choti Sarrdaarni.

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