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On Sony Entertainment Television, there was an Indian comedy programme called The Comedy Circus Show.

Comedy Circus 1 is a Hindi TV programme featuring stand-up comedy by regulars from soap operas. paired with Pakistan's and India's "best" stand-up comedians. Together with their comedy partners, these soap opera stars perform stand-up comedy on stage. In a hard competition to determine which couple will be the finest stand-up comedy, the show ran live for 13 weeks. There have been many presenters, judges and winners including personalities like Johnny Lever, Archana Puran Singh, Ali Asgar, Mehak Chahal, Urvashi Dholakia, Krishna Abhishek, Kapil Sharma, and Sanjay Mishra.

Jodi Jamegi, Public Hassegi, the tagline of the Mega Laugh Riot established by Optimystix Entertainment, ensures laughter on Sony TV.

Comedy Circus 2: On April 26, 2008, Sony TV premiered the second season of this comedy television programme. On a stage where competition was fierce, well-known television actors and stand-up comedians were matched to perform. The judges and the live studio audience scored the jodis (pairs or teams of two) to decide who would be eliminated.

In Kaante Ki Takkar, which debuted after Comedy Circus 1 & 2, the jodis from Comedy Circus 1 headed by Archana Puran Singh competed against the jodis from Comedy Circus 2, led by Shekhar Suman. The squad commanded by Archana Puran Singh was referred to as The Purans, whereas Shekhar Suman's group was referred to as The Sumans.

Purbi Joshi took the place of Shruti Seth.

Another well-liked reality-based comedy TV programme from Sony Entertainment Television is called Chinchpokli To China. With the tagline "Comedy Circus Chinchpokli to China - Jaha se koi bhi hanse bina jayena," this is the fourth season of the Comedy Circus franchise. It is a comedy-based show like all the seasons of Comedy Circus, but with a small plot twist. Comedy Circus featured comedians performing sketches in pairs in an effort to win over the judges and receive points. Purbi Joshi is the host.

Comedy Circus 20-20: Adds to the spirit of the IPL (Indian Premier League) season with its quips, jokes, laughing, and amusing acts. The stand-up acts were based on IPL events, how cricket influences our daily life, and other cricket-related topics.

Shruti Seth will host the programme, and Shekhar Suman and cricketer Ajay Jadeja will serve as judges.

Dekh India Dekh: The sixth season of Comedy Circus' well-liked stand-up comedy programme. It debuted on SonyTV on May 30, 2009, and was broadcast there. finished on October 30, 2009. Shekar Suman, who previously served as host of Dekh India Dekh, will return as a judge alongside Archana Puran Singh. Shweta Gulati will serve as the new host for this new format. [Reference needed]

Teen(3) Ka Tadka: A distinctive reality-based comedy style in which famous people perform alongside partners who are also skilled stand-up comedians on a stage where competition is fierce. This season gives the show a fresh new twist by using Trio instead of Jodis.

Every Jodi will face the Tadka, a special challenge, in the guise of a third participant who will be a famous person. Three is a spicy number, not a multitude (tadka). The programme broadcast on October 24, 2009. Mouni Roy and Roshni Chopra alternated as the host.

On October 24, 2009, Comedy Circus Ke Superstars made its debut.

Govinda also appeared in the inaugural show as a guest judge and introduced new performers.

Three seasons' worth of Comedy Circus - Maha Sangram participants were involved. Seasons 1 and 3 were represented by Archana, Shekhar, and Rohit, respectively. The representatives of the opposing teams scored the teams, while the audience watched the show to see who would be eliminated. VIP and Swapnil Joshi were the show's winners.The program's newest season debuted on September 15, 2018.

2018 Comedy Circus

The comedic circus franchise made a comeback with this. This season, which premiered on September 15, 2018, featured new humour genres, actors, and scoring methods. The judges' laughter would determine the team's score; for example, if the judges laughed "mand mand," the team would receive 2500 rupees; for each "HaHakar," the team would receive 5000 rupees; and for each "phephada phad," they would receive 10,000 rupees.

Director Nikul Desai
No. of Seasons 18
Production Company Sony Entertainment Television
Start Date 16 Jun 2007
Content Location Mumbai
Country of Origin India
Genre Comedy Reality
In Language Hindi
Producer Vipul Shah
Name Comedy Circus

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Frequently Asked Questions

Comedy Circus is a very popular hindi reality show.
Comedy Circus Shoot location is Mumbai.
The release date of the tv show Comedy Circus is 16 June 2007.
Comedy Circus casts include Johnny Lever, Archana Puran Singh, Ali Asgar, Mehak Chahal, Urvashi Dholakia, Krishna Abhishek, Kapil Sharma, and Sanjay Mishra.
You can watch Comedy Circus on Sony TV.
Yes. You can watch Comedy Circus online on SonyLiv.
Nikul Desai directed Comedy Circus.
Vipul Shah produced Comedy Circus.
Comedy Circus has 18 seasons in total.
Archana Puran Singh and Sohail Khan judge in Comedy Circus.
Comedy Circus ended in the year 2018.
No. Comedy Circus is not a new series. It was released in the year 2007.
Other TV shows like Comedy Circus are The Kapil Sharma Show and Indian Idol.
There is no official Instagram ID of Comedy Circus.

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