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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved show Dhindora! Keep reading to know more about Dhindora cast, Dhindora youtube, watch Dhindora online, Dhindora Instagram, Dhindora new serial updates and more. 

Dhindora is an 8 episode long series directed by Himank Gaur and produced by Rohit Raj under the banner of BB Ki Vines Productions. It stars Bhuvan Bam and Gayatri Bhardwaj in lead roles and Badri Chavan, Arun Kushwah, Anup Soni and Rajesh Tailang in recurring roles. 

Dhindora is about a middle class family living in Delhi who barely get by through the day. Everyday is a challenge as Bhuvan wants to pursue his passion of music but his parents want him to do the conventional 9 to 5 job. They are, however, supportive of his passion and do not force him to quit it. Bhuvan's father, Babloo Ji is given a promotion and made the manager but his salary is reduced by almost half because the management feels he wouldn't need much money now that he is a manager and would get benefits like free food from the office. Dejected, he goes home and on his way, he meets a person who hands him a lottery ticket for Rs 50. He scratches the lottery ticket and finds out that he has won the grand prize of Rs 11 Crore. He immediately calls up his wife to inform about the same and she broadcasts it to everyone, or rather, plays "dhindora" about it. 

The series then shows the aftermath of Bhuvan's family winning the lottery. From jealous neighbours to an almost fatal accident and losing a love interest, this show is packed with drama, comedy and profanity which makes it a perfect watch with friends. It is available on Youtube for free on Bhuvan Bam's channel BB Ki Vines.

Director Hiamnk Gaur
Music By Saurabh Lokhande
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company BB Ki Vines Productions
Start Date 14 Oct 2021
Content Location Mumbai
Country of Origin India
Genre Drama, Comedy
In Language Hindi
Producer Rohit Raj
Name Dhindora
Dhindora Character names Dhindora Actors real names
Bhuvan, Babloo, Bancho, Jaanki, Sameer Fuddi, Titu, Detective Mangloo, Mr. Hola, Bubbly Sir, Lakhan Chhatriwala Bhuvan Bam
Dr. Tara Gayatri Bhardwaj
Telemarketing Baba Arun Kushwah
Anup Soni Anup Soni
Parshaad Rajesh Tailang

Frequently Asked Questions

Dhindora is a very popular hindi web series
Dhindora Shoot location is Mumbai
Dhindora casts include Bhuvan Bam, Gayatri Bhardwaj, Arun Kushwah, Badri Chavan, Anup Soni
Yes. You can watch Dhindora online on Youtube
The character name of Bhuvan Bam in Dhindora is Bhuvan, Babloo, Bancho, Jaanki, Sameer Fuddi, Titu, Detective Mangloo, Mr. Hola, Bubbly Sir, Lakhan Chhatriwala
The character name of Gayatri Bhardwaj in Dhindora is Dr. Tara
The character name of Anup Soni in Dhindora is Anup Soni
The character name of Rajesh Tailang in Dhindora is Paarshad.
There are 8 episodes in Dhindora.
Dhindora season 1 ended in the year 2021.
The real name of Titu Mama Dhindora is Bhuvan Bam.
Dhindora Dr. Tara real name is Gayatri Bhardwaj
Yes. Dhindora is a new series. It was released in the year 2021
Other shows like Dhindora are Yeh Meri Family and Aam Aadmi Family.
There is no official Instagram ID of Dhindora.

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