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Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji



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The Indian drama television series Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji, produced by Gul Khan under the banner of 4 Lions Films, is accessible on Disney+ Hotstar. Star Plus broadcast the show, which featured Jasmin Bhasin, Donal Bisht, Ansh Bagri, Karan Taneja, and Rohit Purohit, from 15 January until 9 August 2019.

Happy Mehra is an outgoing girl from the middle class. Rocky Khosla is a snobby goon and a playboy. Chintu, his older, good-hearted brother, befriends Happy and falls in love with her. Rocky and Happy fight all the time. She learns about Chintu's feelings as they prepare to wed. But he is killed in an accident.

Rocky is blamed by Chintu and Rocky's father, Kulwant, who also rejects him. Rocky creates a hotel to make Chintu's dream come true. As Happy follows him, the two begin to get along.

An elegant and well-known lawyer fighting for social justice, Ranvijay Shroff, begins to fall for Happy. Rocky is jailed for ten years after being wrongly convicted of abusing Smiley, Happy's sister.

3-year period

Happy is successfully managing the hotel and is pals with Ranvijay. Rocky demonstrates his innocence after seeing them together after escaping because he is envious. He resolves to confess after realising his affections for Happy. After murdering his brother Ranveer and fiancée Anaya due to his obsession with Happy, Ranvijay ends up dead. Happy poses as dead in order to escape the city. Rocky is devastated.

After six years

RJ Happy goes by the name Khushi (which is the Hindi word for "Happy") Rocky has a wife named Harleen, but he still misses Happy and despises her. Honey, their son, is hated by Harleen since she never wanted children. When Honey escapes, Happy finds him and takes care of him. She learns that he is Rocky's son. Rocky finds that Happy is still alive. Kumar aims a gun towards Honey. To save him, Harleen steps in between them and perishes. Happy asks Rocky to marry him, and they accept.

Director Arif Ali Ansari
Music By Nakash Aziz
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company 4 Lions Films, Invictus T Mediaworks
Start Date 15 Jan 2019
Content Location Mumbai
Country of Origin India
Genre Drama
In Language Hindi
Producer Gul Khan, Nilanjana, Karishma Jain
Name Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji

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Frequently Asked Questions

DIl Toh Happy Hai Ji is a very popular Hindi Tv show.
Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji Shoot location is Mumbai.
The release date of the Tv show DIl Toh Happy Hai Ji is 15 January 2019.
DIl Toh Happy Hai Ji casts include Jasmin Bhasin, Donal Bisht, Ansh Bagri, Karan Taneja, and Rohit Purohit.
Arif Ali Khan directed Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji.
Yes. You can watch Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji online on Hotstar.
The character name of Jasmin Bhasin in Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji is Happy Saluja.
The character name of Aru K Verma in Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji is Chintu Khosla.
The character name of Ansh Bagri in Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji is Rocky Saluja.
The character name of Rohit Purohit in Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji is Ranvijay Shroff.
The character name of Geetanjali Singh in Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji is Diana.
There are 148 episodes in Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji.
Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji ended in the year 2019.
The real name of Happy Saluja Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji is Jasmin Bhasin.
Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji Rohit Purohit real name is Ranvijay Shroff.
No. Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji is not a new series. It was released in the year 2019.
Other TV shows like Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji are Kulfi Kumar Bajewala and Ishqbaaaz.
There is no official Instagram ID of Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji.

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