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Did you know? You can now book a personalized video message from your favorite characters of your loved show Khichdi! Keep reading to know more about the Khichdi cast, Khichdi Hotstar, watch Khichdi online, Khichdi Instagram, Khichdi new serial updates, and more. 


Khichdi is a Hindi-language sitcom titled which was produced by UTV Software Communications in collaboration with Hats Off Productions and premiered on Star Plus on September 10, 2002. Instant Khichdi, the second installment of the franchise, is broadcast on Star One, a sister station of Star Plus. Anag Desai, Vandana Pathak, Supriya Pathak, and Rajeev Mehta are in the lead roles. All its episodes are Digitally available on Disney+ Hotstar. 


A Gujarati family named the Parekh, who reside in a historic mansion, are the focus of the plot of Khichdi. The combined family runs into several difficulties that are traditionally Indian, yet they attempt to resolve them in the most unusual way imaginable. 


This is a humorous group of individuals that are strongly committed to their movement to become separated. They wish to sell their inherited property, migrate, and start new nuclear families on their own. But their family's patriarch disagrees. Nobody is willing to give up the money that is owed to them, even though he provides them the option to go and make it on their own. 


They, therefore, remain together as they watch for the "head" to alter his decision or stop breathing, whichever occurs first. And this is where the middle-class joint family with aspirations of upward progress struggles. Khichdi offers a glimpse of an Indian joint family's lighter side.


Khichdi is Directed and Written by  Aatish Kapadia. The star cast of Khichdi includes Anag Desai, Vandana Pathak, Rajeev Mehta, Supriya Pathak, Jamnadas Majethia, Amit Verma, and others.

Director Aatish Kapadia
Music By Aadesh Srivastava
Production Company Hats Off Production and UTV Software Communication
Start Date 10 Sep 2002
Awards Indian Telly Award
Content Location Mumbai
Country of Origin India
Genre Sitcom
In Language Hindi
Producer Jamnadas Majethia and Aatish Kapadia
Name Khichdi
Khichdi Character names Khichdi Actors real names
Anag Desai Tulsidas Parekh
Vandana Pathak Jayshree Bharat Parekh
Rajeev Mehta Praful Tulsidas Parekh
Supriya Pathak Hansa Praful Parekh
Jamnadas Majethia Himanshu Seth
Amit Verma Raju Tulsidas Parekh

Frequently Asked Questions

Khichdi was a very popular Indian TV Sitcom.
Khichdi Shoot's location was in Mumbai.
The Khichdi casts include Anag Desai, Vandana Pathak, Rajeev Mehta, Supriya Pathak, Jamnadas Majethia, Amit Verma., and Others.
Yes. You can watch Khichdi online on Disney+ Hotstar.
Khichdi was aired on Star Plus.
The character name of Anag Desai in Khichdi is Tulsidas Parekh.
The character name of Vandana Pathak in Khichdi is Jayshree Bharat Parekh.
The character name of Rajeev Mehta in Khichdi is Praful Tulsidas Parekh.
The character name of Supriya Pathak in Khichdi is Hansa Praful Parekh.
The character name of Jamnadas Majethia in Khichdi is Himanshu Seth.
There are 98 episodes in Khichdi.
The real name of Raju Tulsidas Parekh in Khichdi is Amit Verma.
Khichdi Chakki Praful Parekh’s real name is Richa Bhadra.
Other TV shows like Khichdi are Instant Khichdi and Khichdi Returns
Anag Desai, Vandana Pathak, Supriya Pathak, and Rajeev Mehta are the lead actors in Khichdi.
There are 3 seasons of the TV Show Khichdi.
There is no official Instagram ID of Khichdi.

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