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Rajkumar Santoshi produced and directed the criminal drama movie Lajja, which was released in 2001. The movie mocks the respect accorded to women in society and the limitations placed on them, and it is based on the plight of women and feminism in India. The names of four women (Maithili, Janki, Ramdulaari, and Vaidehi) are all variations of Sita, the name of the ideal Hindu woman. This fact alone sends a message.

As Vaidehi, the abused woman, Manisha Koirala plays the key character in the movie. Rekha, Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Ajay Devgn, Jackie Shroff, Mahima Chaudhry, Johnny Lever, Suresh Oberoi, Sharman Joshi, Mahima Chaudhry, Nassir Khan, Razak Khan, Gulshan Grover, and Aarti Chhabria all play The movie was a massive commercial failure in India but a hit abroad.

Raghu, a wealthy man, is the husband of Vaidehi (Manisha Koirala) (Jackie Shroff) She appears to lead a sophisticated life outside, while Raghu abuses her and engages in adulterous affairs within. She is later expelled from the home. She goes back to her parents' house, but they don't accept her because Raghu's name is tarnished by her fleeing from him. She discovers that she is pregnant quickly.

After being involved in an automobile accident, Raghu becomes impotent. When he learns that Vaidehi is expecting, he contacts her and begs her to come back while acting regretful. She concurs, believing Raghu has changed for the better. In truth, he and his father are planning to have the child inherit them, and if Vaidehi gets in the way, she will be put to death.

Vaidehi escapes from Raghu's goons after learning about his true intentions from a friend.

Anil Kapoor's Raju, a small-time but kind-hearted robber, listens to Vaidehi's narrative and lends her money so she can travel to Haripur. They interrupt a wedding, when Vaidehi meets Maithili (Mahima Chaudhary), a middle-class woman who is marrying a wealthy man. The two witness the groom's father, Mr. Hazarilal, pressuring Maithili's father to pay dowry and arrange an extravagant wedding that is beyond his means, threatening to ruin his name in society if he does not.

Raju is persuaded by Vaidehi to deliver the money from the heist to Maithili's father. He declines, and when someone recognises him as a gatecrasher, he is quickly compelled to flee. He returns to give Vaidehi the proceeds of his heist after changing his mind. Gulshan, a friend of the groom, tries to rape Maithili but Raju stops him. Gulab Chand, one of the attendees, is able to identify the heist money that Raju stole from him before breaking into the wedding.

In addition, Gulshan informs the bride and groom's family that Raju was in Maithili's chamber. Raju publicly admits to stealing when she is accused of having sex with him in exchange for money. After Maithili makes fun of the groom's family, they leave the wedding.

Vaidehi is discovered by Raghu, who forces her to go back home. They come across a protest mob on the way. Vaidehi has a chance to sneak away as Raghu exits the vehicle to look into something.

When Vaidehi first arrives in Haripur, she meets Janki (Madhuri Dixit), a theatre performer who is in love with one of her fellow employees, Manish. She isn't married, is pregnant, and doesn't give a damn about social conventions. Purushottam, an elderly theatrical director, has a crush on Janki but confines Lata, his younger wife, to their home. He disparages Janki in front of Manish, causing a rift. Manish encourages her to have an abortion since he believes the child is not his, inferring that Janki had sex with Purushottam.

Outraged, Janki deliberately ruins a scene during a Ramayan play. She is attacked by the enraged crowd, which causes her to miscarry. Purshottam challenges Vaidehi and makes a threat to call Raghu. However, Lata intervenes and puts her on a train at the railway station. Bandits plunder Vaidehi's train, but a kind-hearted local dacoit named Bhulwa (Ajay Devgn) protects the passengers.

When Vaidehi sees blood, she passes out. Bhulwa brings her to the neighbourhood midwife Ramdulari (Rekha), who valiantly stands up against the village elders Virendra and Gajendra as they take advantage of helpless women of all ages. When Gajendra's daughter Sushma falls in love with Ramdulari's educated son Prakash (Sharman Joshi), who is trying to inform the villagers about what Virendra and Gajendra are doing, tensions rise (Aarti Chabaria).

Gajendra confines Ramdulaari to her home while searching for Prakash.

Additionally, he confines Vaidehi inside his house so that Raghu will give her back to him as payment. While Virendra and Gajendra rape and burn Ramdulari alive, Prakash elopes with Sushma. Despite being seriously hurt, Bhulwa and his army kill Virendra and his goons in a fit of wrath. Along with Sushma and Prakash, Vaidehi flees. When the local authorities cheer Gajendra's attempt at entering politics, Vaidehi steps in and exposes him as a rapist and a killer.

She gives a moving speech about how women are solely seen as burdens who must be married off by their families or as avenues for their in-laws to obtain dowries and male heirs. This prompts all the female spectators to attack Gajendra, who is subsequently killed by Bhulwa. Raghu's attitude toward Vaidehi improves as a result of the discourse. After getting married, they make their way back to New York City.

Ramdulari is the name of the daughter born to Vaidehi. Raju, who is now a cab driver and is wed to Maithili, welcomes her back. He receives an invitation from Vaidehi to attend a charity dance performance featuring Janki in the lead part, with all proceeds benefiting Indian groups for women.

Director Rajkumar Santoshi
Music By Anu Malik, Ilaiyaraaja
Production Company Santoshi Productions
Content Location Hyderabad
Country of Origin India
Genre Crime Drama
In Language Hindi
Producer Rajkumar Santoshi
Name Lajja

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lajja is a very popular hindi movie.
Lajja Shoot location is Hyderabad.
The release date of the movie Lajja is 31 August.
Lajja casts include Manisha Koirala, Madhuri Dixit, Jackie Shroff, Anil Kapoor, Rekha,Mahima Chaudhry,Nassir Khan,Sharman Joshi, Ajay Devgn
Lajja is directed by Rajkumar Santoshi.
The character name of Rekha in Lajja is Ramdulaari.
The character name of Anil Kapoor in Lajja is Raju.
The character name of Jackie Shroff in Lajja is Raghu.
The character name of Madhuri Dixit in Lajja is Janki.
The character name of Manisha Koirala in Lajja is Vaidehi.
Lajja is 202 minutes long.
The real name of Ramdulaari Lajja is Rekha.
Lajja Raju real name is Anil Kapoor.
No. Lajja is not a new movie. It was released in the year 2001.
Other movies like Lajja are Anjaan and Devdas.
There is no official Instagram ID of Lajja.

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