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Lamboo Rastoo is a Gujarati movie about an aspiring musician Dhaivat who wants to perform a symphony he wrote for his daughter at a symphony competition. However, the competition's organizer, Param, forbids him from taking part and kidnaps Dhaivat's daughter to prevent him.

Mihir Bhuta is the director of the Indian movie Lamboo Rastoo. The producer of Lamboo Rastoo is Rajat K Chaudhari. The main cast of Lamboo Rastoo includes Jay Soni, Shrenu Parikh, Maulik Pathak, Rahul Raval, Manoj Joshi, Anang Desai, etc.

Lamboo Rastoo was first aired in the year 2018 on the 7th of September. Lamboo Rastoo is also available on OTT platforms like Jio Cinema. The runtime of the movie is 2 hours and 3 minutes.
The IMDb rating of Lamboo Rastoo is 9.1 out of 10.

A musician named "Dhaivat," his wife "Shruti," and their daughter "Clara" are the subjects of the film Lamboo Rastoo. Dhaivat wants to write a symphony for his daughter when she requests him to do so. Soon after, Param Agarwal holds a symphony competition in Ahmedabad, where Dhaivat hopes to perform his composition. 

In an effort to prevent him from doing so, Param puts obstacles in his path, takes the daughter Dhaivat loves the most from him, and turns his wife Shruti against him. Dhaivat endures torturous circumstances, including how he is assaulted and forced to leave his family behind to return to his village. After talking to his father, though, he decides to turn things around, and we see how that turns out.

Director Mihir Bhuta
Music By Mirande Shah
Production Company RKC Motion Pictures
Start Date 07 Sep 2018
Country of Origin India
Genre Drama
In Language Gujarati
Producer Rajat K Chaudhari
Name Lamboo Rastoo
Lamboo Rastoo Character names Lamboo Rastoo Actors real names
Dhaivit Yagnik Jay Soni
Shruti Yagnik Shrenu Parikh
Param Agarwal Maulik Pathak
Shrenik Mahajan Rahul Raval
Dilip Mahajan Manoj Joshi
Shiv Hari Yagnik Anang Desai

Frequently Asked Questions

Lamboo Rastoo is a very popular Gujarati movie.
The release date of the movie Lamboo Rastoo is the 7th of September 2018.
Lamboo Rastoo casts include Jay Soni, Shrenu Parikh, Maulik Pathak, Rahul Raval, Manoj Joshi, Anang Desai, etc.
The director of Lamboo Rastoo is Mihir Bhuta.
Yes. You can watch Lamboo Rastoo online on Jio Cinema.
The character name of Jay Soni in Lamboo Rastoo is Dhaivit Yagnik.
The character name of Shrenu Parikh in Lamboo Rastoo is Shruti Yagnik.
The character name of Maulik Pathak in Lamboo Rastoo is Param Agarwal.
The character name of Rahul Raval in Lamboo Rastoo is Shrenik Mahajan.
The character name of Manoj Joshi in Lamboo Rastoo is Dilip Mahajan.
The runtime of the movie Lamboo Rastoo is 2 hours and 3 minutes.
The real name of Shiv Hari Yagnik Lamboo Rastoo is Anang Desai.
Lamboo Rastoo Dhaivit Yagnik real name is Jay Soni.
No. Lamboo Rastoo is not a new movie. It was released in the year 2018
Other movies like Lamboo Rastoo are Adko Dadko and Gajab Thai Gayo.
There is no official Instagram ID of Lamboo Rastoo.

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