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As opposed to a composer, who creates the song's music, which may include but is not limited to the melody, harmony, arrangement, and accompaniment, a lyricist is a songwriter who creates the lyrics (the spoken words).

The royalties from the sales of original songs are a lyricist's source of revenue. If the composer wrote the song largely with them, royalties might be as high as 50% of the song or lower if they collaborated on it. Once songs are in physical forms, like a recording or sheet music, they are instantly copyrighted.

A lyricist can occasionally also write the music for a song in addition to only the lyrics. Any lyricist who can handle both elements of a song will benefit from this since they will be able to create the creative mood they were going for. It is a great notion if a lyricist is able to have a basic comprehension of the musical side, even if they do not have the full capacity to write both the words and music-piece.

A lyricist may occasionally create lyrics solely for one band or singer. Many musicians or entertainers are supported by songwriters who create songs that fit their specialised area of the industry rather than writing their own content.

A lyricist is typically a freelance writer who offers their work to composers, record labels, or performers who need lyrics to go with their original music. It's not unusual for a lyricist to be asked to write lyrics to go along with a musical track that has been provided to them.

A good lyricist must be able to get along with others in order to be effective. A lyricist's work is frequently reviewed and edited before being turned into a polished song. If you plan to collaborate with other composers or authors, communication and people skills are a necessity.

A lyric writer's work environment is not conventional or standardised. As was already said, many lyricists work as independent contractors from their homes. Another option is to lease a studio apartment or office building with a separate work area. When meeting potential clients, this might improve both your professionalism and concentration. When first starting out, it could be difficult to afford a rented office space, but it would be wise to keep it in mind.

Some famous Indian lyricists are Saksham Jain, Shourya Khare, Inder Chahal, Pravin Koli, and Anmolpreet.

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WIN Live Video Call with Favourite Celebrity Enter the Contest Now!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Lyricist is a very popular profession.
Lyricist’s duty is write the spoken words of a song , closely working with the music department such as composers, writers , and singers.
The source of income for a Lyricist is Royalties received from original songs. It may depend on the song and lyricist how much they wish to charge.
Famous Lyricists are Saksham Jain, Shourya Khare, Inder Chahal, Pravin Koli, and Anmolpreet.
You can be a Lyricist by Freelancing on the basis of your talent and reach into the market and hopefully get picked up by an organisation.
You can study Lyricist at any music college such as The Berklee College Of Music.
The average salary ranges from 3 Lakh to 10 Lakh per song for an Lyricist in Bollywood.
Other professions like Lyricist are Music Composers and Music Directors.
There is no guarantee of scope in India for a Lyricist, it totally depends on the path you choose and how talented you are.

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