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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan



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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved movie Mere Dad Ki Dulhan! Keep reading to know more about Mere Dad Ki Dulhan cast, Mere Dad Ki Dulhan OTT, watch Mere Dad Ki Dulhan online, Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Instagram, Mere Dad Ki Dulhan updates and more. 

An Indian soap opera called Mere Dad Ki Dulhan, or My Father's Bride, broadcast on Sony Entertainment Television. Varun Badola, Shweta Tiwari, and Anjali Tatrari, Tripti Sharma play the key characters in the show, which was produced by DJ's a Creative Unit.

Niya Sharma receives the opportunity to spend two years in training at the office's headquarters in the United States, but she is concerned for her widowed father, Amber Sharma. A forty-year-old woman named Guneet Sikka must vacate her rented home in Delhi. At order to take care of him and provide Guneet refuge, Niya manipulates Amber into allowing Guneet to live in his home. Upon arriving in America, she encounters Randeep Mehandiratta, who also resides in the same apartment.

He is actually revealed to be Amber's adversary's son. Later, Amber is involved in an accident as a result of which Niya returns to India.

Niya establishes Amber's account on her dating app because she believes that Amber's life is lacking in companionship. When he finds out, he then initiates a blind conversation with Guneet. On Niya's app, Amber and Guneet become close friends, but when they finally meet in person, they have a fierce dispute. Pammi arranges Guneet's wedding with Dr. Anurag Malhotra as she notices how drawn to him Guneet is. Later, when Amber realises that Guneet herself is his chat partner, she feels horrible and deletes his account.

Pammi therefore arranges for Guneet to marry Anurag. However, Amber attempts to thwart the wedding and hurts Pammi in the process; as a result, a lawsuit is brought against him.

As a result of Niya leaving a key meeting to liberate Amber, management asks her to work for Shri. So, she resigns from her position and seeks solace in Randeep's companionship. Later, Guneet calls off her engagement since she began to despise males as a result of her internet relationship (Amber). When Kabir declines to assist Niya and Kajal with their start-up, the two are upset. The commercial rivalry between Niya and Kajal and Kabir and Shree is taking place. Later, Amber attempts in vain to bring Kabir and Niya back together.

Later, after Niya and Randeep have said their final, tearful goodbyes, Randeep departs for the United States. Niya discovers Amber's affections for Guneet in another location. In order to patch things up, Guneet and Amber arrange supper and invite Kabir and Shri without notifying Niya. As a result, Kabir and Niya argue before making amends and reconciling.

When Amber discloses that he is Guneet's chat partner, she feels duped and slaps the man. When Niya finds out, she and Guneet engage in a passionate quarrel that makes each of them loathe the other. Elsewhere Under the direction of wealthy businessman Rishi Burman, who stops at Niya's home, Niya, Kabir, Kajal, and Shri come to terms and attend a seminar together.

Niya discovers that Swara loves him via Kabir, who also admits his affections for her and tells her about her feelings for him. However, Kabir and Swara later start dating. Guneet begins to like Amber after first loathing her. When Niya accidentally sends the erroneous email to Rishi, Kabir begins to despise her. However, Niya subsequently professes her love to Kabir and accepts responsibility for her actions. Guneet and Amber become closer while caring for Pammi after an accident. Niya, Kabir, and Swara's love for one another get mixed up in other scenes. Later, Guneet decides to marry Amber after forgiving her.

Amber wants a straightforward wedding, while Guneet and her family want a lavish affair. Even though there are numerous obstacles in the way of AmNeet's wedding, they manage to wed joyfully anyhow.

Newlyweds find it awkward to be together, while Niya struggles to get past Amber's jealousy. Niya becomes WeNet's CEO after Rishi overtakes the company. According to Kabir, Rishi may be acting in this way because he cares for Niya. Finally, Rishi expresses his emotions to Niya, who then walks away without responding. Niya is devastated when Kabir and Swara announce their engagement. Inspiring her is Rishi. She is lifted by swayamvar that Guneet and Kajal arrange for her. While Guneet is learning about her pregnancy, Niya is upset by his behaviour.

Niya, who was initially unsure about Guneet's pregnancy, gradually becomes joyful and enthusiastic about it. Amber learns of Guneet's pregnancy through Pammi. However, AmNeet creates a strategy to reunite Niya and Kabir and consents to their union. Niya was duped into confessing her emotions for Kabir. When Kabir makes a proposal to Niya, she accepts. Shree and Kajal are informed of Guneet's pregnancy. Kabhir is informed by Niya that she must spend two years through CEO training. Kabir backs her up.

Kabir doesn't know about New York, so Amber arranges Niya and Kabir's wedding. Niya feels reluctant to inform Amber. Guneet abruptly informs Amber, upsetting Niya.

Amber lashes out. Niya is comforted by Guneet. They both cry and cuddle as Niya addresses her as "Gunni Maa." To help Amber comprehend, Niya and Guneet have ideas. He is duped by their "tough love" strategy. Amber is aware. Kabir and Niya make some promises. In the community, Diwali is observed by all.

Niya departs for New York while sobbing. Guneet, Kabir, and Amber all experience feeling. Recollections of the group as a whole are shared. Niya adjourns. The show concludes with a smile.

Director Anshuman Kishore Singh, Rakesh Kumar, Varun Badola
Music By Raju Singh
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company DJ's a Creative Unit
Start Date 11 Nov 2019
Content Location Mumbai, Ghaziabad
Country of Origin India
Genre Soap Opera
In Language Hindi
Producer Tony Singh, Deeya Singh
Name Mere Dad Ki Dulhan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan is a very popular hindi tv show.
Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Shoot location is Mumbai, Ghaziabad.
The release date of the tv show Mere Dad Ki Dulhan is 11 November 2019.
Mere Dad Ki Dulhan casts include Varun Badola, Shweta Tiwari, and Anjali Tatrari, Tripti Sharma.
Anshuman Kishore Singh, Rakesh Kumar, Varun Badola directed Mere Dad Ki Dulhan.
Yes. You can watch Mere Dad Ki Dulhan online on MX Player, SonyLiv.
The character name of Varun Badola in Mere Dad Ki Dulhan is Amber Sharma.
The character name of Shweta Tiwari in Mere Dad Ki Dulhan is Guneet Sikka.
The character name of Anjali Tartari in Mere Dad Ki Dulhan is Niya Sharma.
The character name of Nidhi Seth in Mere Dad Ki Dulhan is Swara Joshi.
The character name of Avantika Shetty in Mere Dad Ki Dulhan is Anjali Sharma.
There are 181 episodes in Mere Dad Ki Dulhan.
Mere Dad Ki Dulhan ended in the year 2020.
The real name of Amber Sharma Mere Dad Ki Dulhan is Varun Badola.
Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Guneet Sikka real name is Shweta Tiwari.
No. Mere Dad Ki Dulhan is not a new series. It was released in the year 2019.
Other TV shows like Mere Dad Ki Dulhan are Mehar Posh and Sirf Tum.
There is no official Instagram ID of Mere Dad Ki Dulhan.

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