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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved movie Meri Gudiya! Keep reading to know more about Meri Gudiya cast, Meri Gudiya OTT, watch Meri Gudiya online, Meri Gudiya Instagram, Meri Gudiya updates and more. 

Star Bharat broadcast the fantasy drama series Meri Gudiya, which had its premiere on December 16, 2019. Aalisha Panwar and Jinisha Bhadhuri appeared in a remake of the Tamil serial Neeli, which is itself a remake of the Kannada serial Neeli, which aired on Star Suvarna. Due to the Corona epidemic, it came to a close on March 20, 2020. It stars Aalisha Panwar, Jinisha Bhaduri, Gaurav Bajaj, Sagar Parekh, and Vineet Raina.

It displays a mother's unwavering devotion for her daughter. The Gujral family, who reside in Shimla, is at the centre of the narrative. A prosperous businessman, Raghvendra Gujral manages his family's coffee estates along with his wife Madhuri, a fiercely protective mother, and their 7-year-old daughter Avi. Madhuri, a caring and protective mother, presents her daughter Avi with a doll for her birthday.

A mystery cult is assembling somewhere else, in a wilderness. After Dadi receives a bad omen, Avi suffers an accident. In the midst of Madhuri's miracle, Rudraksha advances toward Avi. When Rudraksha is worn, an evil ghost in the shape of a young girl is released from a jar. While Ratri is about to murder Avi, he follows Madhuri's automobile. When Avi disappears from the park, Madhuri freaks out and Ratri loses interest in her. Later, Adrika attends the school while pretending to be a young girl. When Ratri finds out that Raghav is Avi's father, she becomes envious when she sees him with Madhuri. She later attempts to brutally murder Avi. After failing to force Avi off the balcony, Ratri has another opportunity to hurt her.

Ratri carries out her evil plan as Madhuri tries to save Avi. Madhuri performs a painful ceremony in order to protect Avi from evil. Madhuri suffers a grievous injury as Ratri carries out her evil plan. Rudraksha gives Ratri an assignment while Madhuri suffers a serious accident injury. Later, when Avi arrives at the hospital, she is met with some heartbreaking news. While Avi greatly misses Madhuri, the physicians are astounded by her progress. Ratri explains her strategy to Madhuri and then unplugs the device that keeps her alive. Raghav is devastated by Madhuri's passing. Ratri promises Rudraksh that she will complete the task, but a peculiar occurrence at Madhuri's funeral leaves everyone perplexed.

With Madhuri, Raghav and his family share their memories. Avi misses her mother and is determined to meet her, but Rudraksh discovers a startling truth. When Avi decides to go to the hospital by herself, she fails to observe a strange occurrence. Ratri alerts Rudraksh to the issue after spotting Avi by himself on the street. Raghav thanks Ratri for saving Avi, but his mother insisted he tell his daughter the truth. After much thought, Raghav tries to tell Avi about Madhuri. After witnessing a moving video of Madhuri, an embarrassed Avi apologises to her family. Additionally, Ratri decides to win Raghav's love while Pari crafts colourful butterflies to make Avi happy. Rudraksha receives a premonition about an impending disaster.

The danger to Avi's life is later revealed to Dadi. Dadi makes an effort to alert Shaurya and Raghav to the danger that Avi is in. Ratri makes a special dinner for the family with a sinister scheme in mind. Ratri is annoyed that Avi escapes harm while Raghav is reminded of Madhuri by Pari's lullaby song for Avi. Later, Rudraksha detects a covert force guarding Avi. Ratri is prevented by Raghav from donning Madhuri's nightgown. Later, Rudraksha questions the paranormal force preventing Avi from falling into his deadly trap. While Ratri devises a devious strategy to capture her, a mischievous Avi upsets the workers in Raghav's office. Later, Piya speaks with Raghav about her unsettling instinct. Avi's nasty behaviour makes Raghav angry. Ratri intends to do the inconceivable even as Raghav's brother worries about her motives.

To get closer to Raghav and Avi, Ratri intends to celebrate Madhuri's birthday. Later, Avi is overjoyed when Ratri gives him a big surprise. Ratri's attempts to make Avi happy are admired by Raghav and Dadi, and he expresses his gratitude to her for her sacrifice. When Pari later vanishes, Avi becomes upset. Avi goes on a search for Pari as Raghav receives the businessman of the year award. Later, Raghav is to get the prize from Rudraksha. Raghav thanks Madhuri for helping him succeed as Rudraksha awards him "Businessman of the Year." Later, Raghav is taken to Rudraksha by Ratri. When Raghav decides to let Adrika stay in the house, Shaurya is upset. Pari finds out later about Adrika and Ratri's cunning scheme for Avi.

Raghav's servant is hypnotised by Adrika, who gives him orders to assassinate Avi. While Pari tries to save Avi, Raghav remembers Madhuri with affection. The family hears Avi cry, and Shaurya sees Ratri concealing something in his chamber. Shaurya discovers a crucial piece of information as an incensed Ratri confronts Adrika. Dadi poses a threat to Adrika's plan, therefore she chooses to assassinate her. After meeting Guruji, Dadi discovers Avi's extraordinary abilities elsewhere. Shaurya is hypnotised by Adrika to learn more about Dadi's hiding place and her magical knife. Later, Dadi makes the decision to marry Raghav to Ratri. When Raghav rejects Dadi's suggestions, Ratri concocts a fresh scheme to achieve her goals. What is her strategy? Ratri pretends to leave the house while spiking Avi's water bottle.

Ratri is rendered dumbfounded by Adrika's startling disclosure when Avi loses consciousness. Ratri executes her plan as the doctor pronounces Avi dead after noting an odd incident. After seven years of silence, Raghav's mother finally breaks her silence. Ratri is about to leave the house when Raghav's mother makes a radical decision. Raghav is asked to marry Ratri as Pari's plot goes horribly wrong. Pari obliterates Ratri's magical implements. Ratri will be engaged to Raghav as Shaurya and Piya work together to expose her. Ratri gets ready for her engagement to Raghav with excitement. Dadi is getting ready for the event as Pari finds a peculiar way to interfere with the ritual. Ratri is discouraged when her engagement is postponed, while Adrika risks everything to discover Dadi's secret.

Later, Guruji chastises Dadi for speaking out. Avi is tense while Pari helps her with her homework, and Adrika and Rudraksha believe Dadi is defending Avi. Later, Adrika carries out a fatal strategy. When Ratri declines to assist Avi, she becomes depressed and misses her mother. Adrika approaches Avi with nefarious intentions while Raghav receives a startling news. Avi is killed by Adrika thanks to her malicious scheme. Ratri finds it challenging to appease Sushma Dadi while Pari becomes concerned about her coming. Sushma Dadi's continuous comparisons of Ratri to Madhuri irritate Ratri. While Sunny waits for a chance to hurt Pari, Avi is happy to cause problems. Rangoli explains what a stepmother is to Avi as Raghav protects her from harm.

Later, Adrika is urged by Ratri to open up to Rudraksha about her sentiments. Pari utilises her powers, frightening Sunny, while Piya tells Shaurya a disturbing truth. Later, Sunny locks Avi in the restroom before removing Pari. Ratri takes advantage of the circumstance rather than listening to Avi's cry for assistance. Raghav stuns Ratri while Avi loses consciousness as a result of his rage. While Priya frantically tries to get in touch with Dr. Rudraksh, Ratri and Adrika concoct a sinister scheme. Later, Pari surrounds Ratri and Adrika in flames. While Avi grabs Madhuri's jewellery from Ratri, Raghav burns his hands. Pari makes a promise to ruin Raghav and Ratri's Sangeet party later on. Ratri tries to remove Avi from the event as Piya and Shaurya carry out their plan.

Ratri and Raghav's dance is ruined by Pari during the sangeet ceremony. Pari tries to fend off a big snake as Avi begs God in earnest to speak to Madhuri. Avi is afterwards astounded by a supernatural occurrence. During Ratri's mehndi ceremony, Avi makes a tremendous statement. Later, Piya overhears Adrika speaking with Ratri and discovers the horrifying truth. While attempting to flee from Rudraksha's den, Piya is stabbed. As Raghav thanks Ratri, Rudraksha orders a demon by the name of Roopasur to kill Avi. When Ratri notices a distinctive mark on Roopasur's neck, she becomes suspicious. Rudraksha celebrates the accomplishment of his evil scheme after kidnapping Pari. Madhuri's soul is felt by Gurudev, who then challenges her to face her darkest fear.

Gurudev gives Madhuri the authority to save Avi while Rudraksha encloses Ratri in a cage. Rudraksha is shocked to see Madhuri's unusual form as they engage in combat. Adrika tries to assist Ratri in getting out of a magical cage in another scene. Ratri hurts herself while looking for Avi. Ratri shocks the family with this statement as Madhuri is in trouble. After admitting her misdeeds to the Gujrals, Ratri makes the decision to leave the house. Guruji makes an odd commitment to Madhuri while Dadi makes an unexpected choice. Guruji demonstrates to Madhuri how to get back to Avi while she frantically looks for Pari. Later, the Haldi ceremony for Ratri gets under way with joy. While Adrika adulterates Avi's juice, Shaurya assists Raghav in coming to terms with reality.

Madhuri arrives at the location as the wedding ceremony is about to start. The wedding ceremony for Raghav and Ratri begins in joy. Ratri is delighted that her dream has come true, but Madhuri's arrival ends the celebration. Madhuri will have a difficult time establishing her authenticity. Later, Shaurya and his mother's choice leaves Ratri stunned. While enjoying some quality time together, Avi surprised Madhuri with cookies. Later, Avi asks Madhuri for anything related to Mahashivratri. Despite Adrika adding something to Madhuri's drink, she still performs a spectacular Shivratri dance. Later, as Rahu pursues retribution, she issues a final warning to Ratri and Adrika. As Rahu enters the home in disguise, Ratri swears vengeance on Madhuri.

Later, he emerges from a pool of boiling water in a human form. The reunion of Rahu with the family makes everyone happy. While Rahu develops a sophisticated strategy to harm Raghav, Madhuri begins to question his motivations. Raghav loses all emotion as Madhuri puts on a grin for Avi despite feeling left out. Later, when Madhuri opposes Raghav, the Gujrals are stunned. Raghav becomes bad as a result of Rahu's evil curse. Later, Madhuri knocks Raghav out, leaving the family perplexed. While the Gujrals hurry Raghav to the hospital, Rahu teases Madhuri. Later, the police storm the hospital and take Madhuri into custody. Krohini attempts to assassinate Raghav and Avi as Madhuri makes a daring getaway from the police station.

The Gujral family later witnesses a miracle at the hospital. Raghav invites Madhuri back into the house as an enraged Rahu decides to punish Krohini. Rahu tries to come close to Madhuri at night. If Krohini doesn't comply with his orders, Rahu threatens to kill her children. Later, Madhuri cautions Rahu after being shocked by Raghav's sudden statement. After Avi discovers her, Krohini poses as the tooth fairy while Rahu counsels Ratri. Later, Madhuri puts herself in a difficult position by taking a tremendous risk for Avi. Krohini completes her task while Madhuri tries to save Avi. As Avi is being abducted, Madhuri watches helplessly as Rahu sets Krohini a deadline. Krohini, who is desperately trying to save her kids, is able to con Avi and carry out Rahu's instructions.

Later, Madhuri discovers a crucial cue that might enable her to locate Avi. To accomplish his evil goal, Rahu makes a copy of Avi. Krohini makes an effort to throw Avi into the raging fire while under the influence of Rahu. Madhuri implores Krohini to halt her evil assault on Avi. Later, when Madhuri notices Avi's altered behaviour, she is astonished. Rahu carries out his clever strategy to utilise Avi to go to the Patal Lok. Avi performs the unimaginable, while Madhuri assumes Rahu is to blame for the sinister events. Madhuri is reluctant to go on a picnic, but the Gujrals decide to do it anyhow. Avi aids Rahu in his objective, but Madhuri is horrified to see that the entire family is in jeopardy. When Avi encounters a demon face-to-face, she becomes frightened.

Later, Madhuri discovers the identity of the duplicate Avi and meets Ketu in the Patal Lok. Madhuri then tells the Gujrals the truth about how she died and the mysteries surrounding it. Ratri issues a severe warning to Raghav as he orders her to leave the house. Ketu attacks the family in a demonic manner, and Avi enrages Rahu by striking him. Later, Madhuri embarks on a rescue expedition for Avi, and Raghav runs into a violent Ketu while looking for Avi and Madhuri. Madhuri meets Vasuki as Ratri asks Adrika for assistance in securing her release from jail. Rahu forms an Asura gang to battle Madhuri while Adrika secures Ratri's freedom.Ratri and Adrika break into the Gujral home with the purpose to kill. Avi regains consciousness as a fatal fight between Madhuri and Rahu occurs. The family is shocked when they get startling news in another location.

Director Mohit Jha, N R Pachisia
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company DD Makers Bharat Fam
Start Date 16 Dec 2019
Content Location Shimla
Country of Origin India
Genre Drama,Romance
In Language Hindi
Producer Dheeraj Dhoopar
Name Meri Gudiya

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Frequently Asked Questions

Meri Gudiya is a very popular Hindi Tv show.
Meri Gudiya Shoot location is Shimla.
The release date of the Tv show Meri Gudiya is 16 December 2019.
Meri Gudiya casts include Aalisha Panwar, Jinisha Bhaduri, Gaurav Bajaj, Sagar Parekh, and Vineet Raina.
Mohit Jha and N R Pachisia directed Meri Gudiya.
Yes. You can watch Meri Gudiya online on Hotstar.
The character name of Aalisha Panwar in Meri Gudiya is Madhuri Gujral.
The character name of Jinisha Bhaduri in Meri Gudiya is Avi Gujral.
The character name of Gaurav Bajaj in Meri Gudiya is Raghav Gujral.
The character name of Vineet Raina in Meri Gudiya is Rahu.
The character name of Sagar Parekh in Meri Gudiya is Shaurya Gujral.
There are 81 episodes in Meri Gudiya.
Meri Gudiya ended in the year 2020.
The real name of Madhuri Gujral Meri Gudiya is Aalisha Panwar.
Meri Gudiya Avi Gujral real name is Jinisha Bhaduri.
No. Meri Gudiya is not a new series. It was released in the year 2019.
Other TV shows like Meri Gudiya are Teri Laadli Main and Lakshmi Ghar Aayi.
There is no official Instagram ID of Meri Gudiya.

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