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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved movie Phulwa! Keep reading to know more about Phulwa cast, Phulwa OTT, watch Phulwa online, Phulwa Instagram, Phulwa updates and more. 

Phulwa, which translates to "flower" in English and is also known as "Phulwa Choti Dulhan," is an Indian drama that airs on Colors TV. Near Morena, Madhya Pradesh, the Chambal forest serves as the scene's backdrop. The dacoit-turned-politician Phoolan Devi is a loose inspiration for the plot.

The main character of the series is a young villager named Phulwa, whose name means "flower" and who lives in an area of India where bandits are common. She is a kind, kind, and innocent girl who unluckily finds herself in the heart of a vicious feud. Early in life, she loses the majority of her family as well as her innocent innocence.It stars Sargun Mehta, Jannat Zubair Rahmani, Ajay Chaudhary, Mohit Malik, Shalini Arora, Mithil Jain, and Alka Mogha in important roles.

Bhavani (Prashant Narayanan), Phulwa's much elder foster brother and a bandit, is Bhavani's biological brother. Phulwa is kidnapped by Shankar (Angad Hasija), who intends to exact revenge on Bhavani. It appears that Shankar and Phulwa are wed based on the circumstances. Despite Shankar being over three times Phulwa's age, the village council (panchayat) says they must remain a relationship.

Shankar thinks that his older brother and sister-in-law were murdered by Bhavani. Furthermore, Bhavani was in love with Shankar's younger sister Mahua (Wasna Ahmed), but he dumped her.

Shankar develops a fondness for the helpless Phulwa and makes an effort to atone for his prior deeds that damaged her life. Phulwa reveres Shankar and addresses him respectfully as "Masterji." Despite wanting to marry Shankar, distant relative Sharbati does not support her.

Mahua receives a request to wed his son Chhote Thakur from the local leader and landlord Bade Thakur, also known as Daroga Singh. Mahua tries to flee the wedding since she still has feelings for Bhavani, but is killed by a Chhote Thakur who has rejected her.

Later, Shankar discovers that his brother and sister-in-law were also murdered by the Thakur father-son team, not Bhavani. Phulwa, her parents, and her siblings are captured by the Thakurs with Sharbati's assistance. Phulwa and her brother Babu are saved by Shankar and Bhavani who run to their aid. However, Shankar and Shankar's parents are killed. Bhavani is accompanied to the bandit group's hideaway by Phulwa and Babu. Phulwa joins the bandits after making a blood oath to get retribution for the murders of "Masterji" (Shankar) and her parents.

Phulwa has matured into a fierce and courageous woman in the last ten years. She aids the needy, opposes injustice, and views the Thakurs as her worst foes. Sharbati, Chhote Thakur's wife, is his wife.

When Phulwa encounters the couple one day, he is compelled to defend himself by murdering Chhote Thakur. Sharbati and Bade Thakur promise to exact revenge on Phulwa for the murder of Chhote Thakur.

Phulwa's group is joined by a stranger named Shatrughan (Ajay Chaudhary), who gradually wins her trust. Phulwa believes that she has finished her retribution now that Chhote Thakur has passed away. Gayatri (Shikha Singh), the leader of the bandits, orders her not to disarm. There is word that the neighbourhood has a new ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police). It is discovered after a few weeks that Shatrughan is actually the new ACP in disguise. Abhay Singh is his actual name. He takes Phulwa and her pals into custody.

In court, a lawyer by the name of Roshni (Rakshanda Khan) represents them and makes the case that Phulwa is innocent and ought to be allowed to return home. The unmarried son of Bade Thakur, Abhay is then revealed. He is extremely devoted to his father and believes him to be a nice man. Currently, Bade Thakur wants to run for office. He offers to arrange for Phulwa and Abhay to get married as a publicity stunt. Phulwa agrees because it will result in her being let out of prison.

Abhay is already engaged to his coworker Aarti, but Phulwa replaces Aarti on the wedding day and marries Abhay. It is made known that Aarti assisted Phulwa out of compassion. Abhay and Bade Thakur are enraged yet powerless.

Phulwa moves in to Thakur's home as the family's new daughter-in-law. She wants to exact retribution and expose the Thakur's wrongdoings. Phulwa and Abhay get along better. Bade Thakur confesses to killing Abhay's mother and sets up an accident for Abhay to occur. Abhay, who is fighting for his life, needs a blood transfusion, but Thakur would only give it if Phulwa becomes his slave. Phulwa concurs, but is startled when the doctor informs them that even though Abhay will survive, he won't be able to move because of damage to his spine.

Dr. Arjun, a rookie surgeon, cures Abhay after a successful operation, but Arjun's secret is now made public. The younger brother of Shankar, Arjun, has come to exact revenge for his brother's murder. He believes Phulwa killed Shankar, thus he intends to murder both Abhay and Phulwa. Babu reveals to Arjun who the true offender is. Thakur is captured by Abhay with the aid of Arjun and Babu. In the end, Phulwa murders Thakur. Phulwa and Abhay have a happy life with their twin (a boy and a girl) children as the series comes to a happy conclusion.

Director Balkrishna Singh Rahul Pandey
Music By Dony Hazarika
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company Swastik Productions
Start Date 10 Jan 2011
Content Location Madhya Pradesh (Chambal forest)
Country of Origin India
Genre Drama
In Language Hindi
Producer Vikas Sethi, Siddharth Kumar Tewary
Name Phulwa

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Frequently Asked Questions

Phulwa is a very popular hindi tv series.
Phulwa Shoot location is Madhya Pradesh (Chambal Forest)
The release date of the tv series Phulwa is 10 January 2011.
Phulwa casts include Sargun Mehta, Jannat Zubair Rahmani, Ajay Chaudhary, Mohit Malik, Shalini Arora, Mithil Jain, and Alka Mogha in important roles.
Balkrishna Singh Rahul Pandey directed Phulwa.
Yes. You can watch Phulwa online on VOOT and JioCinema.
The character name of Sargun Mehta in Phulwa is Phulwa Abhay Singh.
The character name of Ajay Chudhary in Phulwa is ACP Abhay Singh.
The character name of Mohit Malik in Phulwa is Dr.Arjun Singh.
The character name of Shalini Arora in Phulwa is Thakuraeen.
The character name of Mithil Jain in Phulwa is Chote Thakur.
There are 277 episodes in Phulwa.
Phulwa ended in the year 2012.
The real name of Phulwa Abhay Singh Phulwa is Sargun Mehta.
Phulwa ACP Abhay Singh real name is Ajay Chaudhary.
No. Phulwa is not a new series. It was released in the year 2011.
Other TV shows like Phulwa are Godh Bharai and Udaan.
There is no official Instagram ID of Phulwa.

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