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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved movie Qurbaan Hua! Keep reading to know more about Qurbaan Hua cast, Qurbaan Hua OTT, watch Qurbaan Hua online, Qurbaan Hua Instagram, Qurbaan Hua updates and more.

 An Indian drama television series in the Hindi language called Qurbaan Hua aired on Zee TV and ZEE5 prior to the TV broadcast. It was created by Sonali Jaffer and Amir Jaffer's Full House Media, casting  Karan Jotwani, Pratibha Ranta, Vidhaan Sharma, Kisha Arora, Neelam Pathania,

Sapna Devalkar.

The programme made its debut on February 25, 2020, at 10 PM, taking Ishq Subhan Allah's spot at 10:30 PM. However, the show's time slot was shifted to 10:30 PM on December 14, 2020, following the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Neel and Chahat, and their insane desire to obliterate one other's families, are the central characters of the novel. Famous chef Neelkanth "Neel" Bhatt Dhyani is descended from a Hindu Brahmin family. Because he wasn't there while Neel's mother was on her deathbed, he hates his strict father, Vyas Ji. meanwhile, adores Saraswati, his sister. Happy-go-lucky Chahat Rahil Baig takes care of her father, Dr. Rahil Baig. Alekh, Saraswati's husband, begins to cheat on her, and she finds out. When she gets to Chahat's father's hospital, she passes away on the operating table.

Neel begins to despise Alekh and Chahat after Rahil Baig is accused by Alekh. Chahat swears to find Rahil after he abruptly vanishes. She resides in Neel's home while they pretend to be married. Neel informs Vyas Ji that Chahat is a Hindu girl, exactly like him, and they both keep this truth from the family because Vyas Ji has a disdain towards Muslims.

Now, Dr. Baig is wanted by Neel and Chahat for several reasons. In order to protect her father from Neel, Chahat wants to locate and send her father outside of the city. Neel wants to put Rahil in jail for the murder of his sister. The two also deal with issues brought on by Alekh, Godambari (Neel's aunt), and Naveli (Sister of Neel's cousin). Neel and Chahat forget their animosity as they work together to accomplish this and grow closer to one another. They soon come encounter Chahat's stepmother, Gazala Rahil Baig. She has been holding Rahil as a hostage and is ruthless and malicious. Chahat tries to take her father away from her but is unsuccessful. Neel joins her in her endeavour. Chahat is devastated when Neel has an accident and is afterwards thought to be dead. Alekh chooses to wed her, which only makes problems worse. On the wedding day, though, a stranger arrives and introduces himself as Neel.

Everyone except Chahat accepts that the stranger is Neel despite the fact that his face is covered in stitches. Everyone, even Vyas Ji, soon comes to believe that the new Neel is Neel. Chahat is content with Neel, and they develop a relationship. Neel locates Chahat's father later and gives him to her. She shows him the film and reprimands Neel, accusing him of being responsible for his mishap instead of being pleased. Later, Neel requests that she leave him out of concern that Chahat's true status as a Muslim will be revealed. Chahat breaks up with Neel and then runs into Kashmira, Neel's girlfriend. She causes problems for Neel and Chahat and makes every effort to bring Chahat to justice in order to win Neel back.

Later, Kashmira abducts Chahat and summons Neel to an unidentified location. When Neel arrives, he discovers Chahat unconscious and makes an effort to wake her up. Neel is informed by Chahat shortly after that it was her and Kashmira's idea to arrange for his return to her.

Later, Chahat's faith as a Muslim is revealed to everyone in Neel's home. While Vyas Ji decides to arrange for Neel to get married to Kashmira, Gazala takes Chahat away and makes plans to wed Rehmat, an older guy who claimed to be able to support her political career. Neel flees from Chahat's wedding and tries to halt it, but he is assaulted by Gazala's goons and left for dead before being saved by some guys. Chahat makes up having ingested poison elsewhere.

Here comes Zubeida Baig, Badi Ammi of Chahat (Paternal grandmother). She intends to remain there until Chahat is wed, oblivious to Gazala's wicked intentions. Chahat intends to flee after hearing her father's advice, but Neel, who is pretending to be a Muslim guy, stops her. Zubeida hires him as Chahat's bodyguard after he introduces himself as Qasim. When they both eventually get married, Vyas Ji rejects Chahat as his daughter-in-law. The remainder of the narrative centres on whether Vyas Ji will accept Chahat or keep bothering her and Neel./span>

Chahat conceives Neel's offspring. To give Neel the impression that she is dead, she dons a bomb coat and falls into the river. Months later, Neel sees Chahat giving birth and suspects she tricked him since he hears Sahil introduce himself as Chahat's spouse. Actually, Sahil saved Chahat, and he remained by her side for the entire nine months of her pregnancy. Chahat delivers twins, a boy and a girl, after being hurried to the hospital. When Neel observes Sahil selling the infant to a third party, he grabs the child.

After 7 years,Neel stays with his son Shlok and Chahat with her daughter Dua. Shlok is religious and kind-hearted but naive, Dua is mischievous, bold and caring. Chahat and Neel both arrive with Dua and Shlok, respectively, for a tournament in Shimla. Shlok and Chahat meet and form a friendly bond. And eventually, Shlok starts considering Chahat as his mother, calling her masi, whereas Neel and Dua meet and develops a hate relationship. Chahat meets Vyas Ji in a disabling mental condition and decides to find out the truth about the latter's condition. During a race, Alaknanda makes Dua fall and let Shlok win, but Dua finds it out and secretly hides in the car with Neel to Devprayag.

Director Sumit Kumar Sodani
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company Full house mafia
Start Date 25 Feb 2020
Content Location Silvassa
Country of Origin India
Genre Drama
In Language Hindi, Urdu
Producer Sonali Jaffer, Amir Jaffer
Name Qurbaan Hua

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Frequently Asked Questions

Qurbaan Hua is a very popular hindi TV show.
Qurbaan Hua Shoot location is Silvassa
The release date of the TV show Qurbaan Hua is 25/02/2020
Qurbaan Hua casts include Karan Jotwani, Pratibha Ranta, Vidhaan Sharma, Kisha Arora, Neelam Pathania, Sapna Dev
You can watch Qurbaan Hua Zee 5
Sumit Kumar Sodani directed Qurbaan Hua
The character name of Karan Jotwani in Qurbaan Hua is Neel Bhatt Dhyani
The character name of Pratibha Ranta in Qurbaan Hua is Chahat neelkanth Dhyani.
The character name of Vidhaan Sharma in Qurbaan Hua is Shlok Bhatt Dhayni
The character name of Kisha Arora in Qurbaan Hua is Dua Bhatt Dhyani
The character name of Neelam Pathania in Qurbaan Hua is Godambari Bhatt Dhyani
here are 363 episodes in Qurbaan Hua.
Qurbaan Hua ended in the year 2021.
The real name of Neel Bhatt Dhyani Qurbaan Hua is Karan Jotwani.
Qurbaan Hua Pratibha Ranta real name is Chahat Neelkanth Baig Dhyani
Yes. Qurbaan Hua is a new series. It was released in the year 2020.
Other TV shows like Qurbaan Hua are and RIshton KA Manjha and Kabhie Kabhie Ittefaq Sey
There is no official Instagram ID of Qurbaan Hua

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