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Ramaa: The Saviour



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The 2010 Indian fantasy action adventure movie Ramaa: The Saviour, which was written by Reshu Nath and directed by Hadi Ali Abrar, was produced by Paul London. Sahil Khan, Dalip Singh Rana,Gurpreet Kaur Chaddha, and Tanushree Dutta are the movie's stars.

The siblings of brilliant class monitor Riddhi (Zankhi Pabari), snobby Komal and her brother Kunal, snack-loving Sameer, and a dance competition in which the winner would receive the recently launched video game "The Last Battle" are all participants. They triumph in the contest and are taken to the game room to play. However, as soon as they begin the game, they become engrossed in it and find themselves abandoned on a vast prehistoric island.

Before Ramaa, a wild-type man, gives them food and shelter in his hut in the bush and starts aiding them in leaving the island by building a tiny boat for them, they must fend for themselves against dangerous gem-seekers and wild creatures. Soon after, Kunal is abducted by Kali, who is seeking the ability to conquer the world by controlling Mind, Body, and Soul with the aid of three stones.

Director Hadi Ali Abrar
Music By Siddharth- Suhas
Production Company Good Willing Entertainment
Country of Origin India
Genre Fantasy Action
In Language Hindi
Producer Paul London
Name Ramaa : The Saviour

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ramaa : The Saviour is a very popular Hindi movie.
Paul London produced Ramaa : The Saviour.
The release date of the movie Ramaa : The Saviour is 12 November 2010.
Ramaa : The Saviour casts include Sahil Khan, Tanushree Dutta, Dalip Singh Rana, Meghan Jadhav, Ishita Panchal, Gurpreet Kaur Chaddha.
Hadi Ali Abrar directed Ramaa : The Saviour.
Yes. You can watch Ramaa : The Saviour online on Hotstar.
The character name of Sahil Khan in Ramaa : The Saviour is Ramaa.
The character name of Tanushree Dutta in Ramaa : The Saviour is Samara.
The character name of Dalip Singh Rana in Ramaa : The Saviour is Vali.
The character name of Meghan Jadhav in Ramaa : The Saviour is Rohan.
The character name of Ishita Panchal in Ramaa : The Saviour is Ridhi.
Ramaa : The Saviour is 120 minutes long.
The real name of Ramaa Ramaa : The Saviour is Sahil Khanna.
Ramaa : The Saviour Samara real name is Tanushree Dutta.
No. Ramaa : The Saviour is not a new movie. It was released in the year 2010.
Other movies like Ramaa : The Saviour are Naksha and Alibaba Aur 40 Chor.
There is no official Instagram ID of Ramaa : The Saviour.

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