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Ajay Bahl and Manish Gupta are the writers and directors of the 2019 Hindi-language courtroom drama film Section 375, which is made by Kumar Mangat Pathak, Abhishek Pathak, and SCIPL. It is based on Indian Penal Code Section 375 regulations. Along with Shriswara, Riva Arora, Meera Chopra, and Rahul Bhat playing supporting roles, the movie also stars Akshaye Khanna, Richa Chadda, and Rahul Bhat in main roles.

As a result of Anjali Dangle, a costume designer, accusing Rohan Khurana of rape, he is detained and found guilty by a sessions court. In the High Court, veteran criminal defence attorney Tarun Saluja works hard to disprove the accuser's allegations, while Hiral Gandhi, a visionary and zealous attorney takes on her first significant case and is a former student of Saluja, represents the alleged victim's prosecution and defence. Tarun follows his moral code. Justice is impersonal and believes that a lawyer shouldn't become emotionally invested in a case or engage in an ethical discussion. Law is a fact.

In a flashback session that Hiral also attended, he speculates on how justice is compromised in the absence of adequate defence, observing that the quest for justice is nothing more than a professional opportunity for the judges, the prosecution, and the defence attorneys. We're in the profession of law, not of justice, he says, summarising this. Hiral, on the other hand, has an entirely different outlook because she is so fervently committed to bringing about justice. She had already been forced to leave Tarun's law firm for this precise reason.

In his cross-examination, Tarun reveals the fabrication of evidence, lies, and information that important witnesses withheld. He puts up the hypothesis that Anjali and Rohan had a consensual relationship that first sprang from the need for her to keep her employment, but over time, she became emotionally invested in the union. There is a heated debate between the two over this later on when she learns that Rohan is only looking for a physical connection with her rather than being her life partner. She is denigrated by Rohan, who claims that without her, her career is over. Later, Rohan kicks her out of his second apartment where they had been dating. Anjali says sorry to Rohan after a few days, and the two of them get back together. Later, she reports this incident as rape to the police.

Tarun insists that it is a case of a romance gone wrong but cites the legal distinction between rape and voluntary physical contact. Hiral contends that even if a couple had a previous sexual relationship that was consensual, any future sexual act without the girl's consent constitutes rape. The case contests the legal provisions of Penal Code Section 375, which outlines the circumstances in which a sexual offence qualifies as rape.

The courts are in a difficult position because, on the one hand, it is obvious that Anjali filed this action to exact revenge for her humiliation and, on the other side, there is a widespread belief that powerful and wealthy people take advantage of the disadvantaged. In their chamber, the two judges discuss the matter. Despite circumstantial evidence obviously pointing to false rape claims, a ruling in Tarun's favour would reflect poorly on their qualifications. One of the judges glances down from the balcony and observes out-of-control demonstrations against the accused; it is obvious how they would rule.

Although the bench recognises the merits of Tarun's argument when giving the judgement, public opinion compels the bench to scrupulously follow the law and deliver the verdict in accordance with the general consensus. The judges support the decision of the session court that the victim's account is the most important piece of evidence because there is no indication of force or consent in relation to this specific incident. Kainaz, Rohan's wife, tells him she won't help him any longer and departs. Tarun assures Rohan that he would promptly contact the High Court. Anjali confesses to Hiral in private that everything Tarun had claimed in court was genuine and that she just did this to exact revenge as soon as Rohan is brought to prison. This shocks Hiral, who is afterwards invited to the party by Tarun's family. She is reminded by Tarun that "We're in the business of law, not of justice," a maxim she has now fully grasped. 

Director Ajay Bahl
Music By Clinton Cerejo
Production Company Panorama Studios, SCIPL
Content Location Mumbai and Uttarakhand
Country of Origin India
Genre Courtroom drama, thriller
In Language Hindi
Producer Kumar Mangat Pathak, Abhishek Pathak, SCIPL
Name Section 375

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Frequently Asked Questions

Section 375 is a very popular Hindi movie
Section 375 Shoot location is Mumbai and Uttarakhand
The release date of the movie Section 375 is 13 September 2019
Section 375 casts include Akshaye Khanna, Richa Chadda, Meera Chopra, Rahul Bhat, Shriswara
Ajay Bahl directed Section 375
Yes. You can watch Section 375 online on Amazon Prime Video
The character name of Akshaye Khanna in Section 375 is Adv Tarun Saluja.
The character name of Richa Chadda in Section 375 is Adv Hiral Gandhi
The character name of Meera Chopra in Section 375 is Anjali Dangle.
The character name of Rahul Bhat in Section 375 is Rohan Khurana
The character name of Shriswara in Section 375 is Kainaz Khurana.
Section 375 is 2 hours and 4 mins long.
Section 375 released in the year 2019
The real name of Tarun Saluja Section 375 is Akshaye Khanna.
Section 375 Hiral Gandhi real name is Richa Chadda
No. Section 375 is not a new movie. It was released in the year 2019
Other movies like Section 375 are Pink and Jolly LLB.
There is no official Instagram ID of Section 375.

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