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Did you know? You can now book a personalized video message from your favorite characters of your loved show Tenali Rama! Keep reading to know more about the Tenali Rama cast, Tenali Rama Voot, watch Tenali Rama online, Tenali Rama Instagram, Tenali Rama new serial updates and more. 


The Hindi-language television Sitcom Tenali Rama made its debut on Sab TV from July 11, 2017 to November 13, 2021, with a running time of 22 minutes. Tenali Rama is produced by Abhimanyu Singh under the banner of Contiloe Entertainment. Krishna Bharadwaj, Tarun Khanna, Pankaj Berry, and Priyamvada Kant are playing the lead role in this show. All the episodes of Tenali Rama are available on MX Player and Sony Liv


Tenali Rama is the narrative of the famous poet in Emperor Krishnadevaraya's court who, by using his smart intellect and knowledge to handle even the most difficult situations, gains enormous popularity in the King's court.

Poor Brahmin named Tenali Rama belonged to the community of Tenali. A Sadhu, impressed by his brilliance, humor, wit, and cleverness, advises him to visit the local temple of Kaali Mata and sing her name a thousand times in order to succeed in life. As soon as Rama receives Kaali Mata's blessings, he transforms into a legendary poet and royal advisor Pandit Ramakrishna or Tenali Rama in Krishnadevaraya's court by employing his wit, wisdom, humor, intelligence, and brilliance.

The prominent poet and royal counselor Pandit Ramakrishna, also known as Tenali Rama in Krishnadevaraya's court, uses his quick wit and intellect to tackle even the most challenging issues. Ramakrishna frequently confounds his arch-rival Tathacharya (the royal priest), who seeks to degrade him. Rama

Actor Shahbaz Khan who appeared in many mythological and historical dramas also appears in some of its episodes as Babur.

Tenali Rama is Directed by Jackson Sethi Ismail and Umar Khan and written by Lawrence Jhon. The star cast of Tenali Rama includes Krishna Bharadwaj, Tarun Khanna, Pankaj Berry, Priyamvada Kant, Sohit Soni, Dhruvi Jani, Shahbaz Khan, and others.

Director Jackson Sethi Ismail and Umar Khan
Music By Souvyk Chakraborty
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company Contiloe Entertainment
Start Date 11 Jul 2017
Content Location Film City, Mumbai
Genre Historical Drama, Comedy
In Language MX Player/Sony Liv
Producer Abhimanyu Singh
Name Tenali Rama

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tenali Rama is a very popular Indian TV Show.
Tenali Rama Shoot's location wais in Film City, Mumbai.
The Tenali Rama casts include Krishna Bharadwaj, Tarun Khanna, Pankaj Berry, Priyamvada Kant, Sohit Soni, Dhruvi Jani, Shahbaz Khan, and others.
Yes. You can watch Tenali Rama online on MX Player or Sony Liv.
Tenali Rama is aired on Sab TV.
The character name of Shahbaz Khan in Tenali Rama is Babur.
The character name Tarun Khanna in Tenali Rama is Krishnadevraya.
The character Tenali Rama’s real name in Tenali Rama is Krishna Bharadwaj.
The character Maicharya’s Real Name from Tenali Rama is Sohit Soni.
The character Sharda’s real name from Tenali Rama is Priyamvada Kant.
There are 804 episodes in Tenali Rama.
The real name of Kanta in Tenali Rama is Dhruvi Jain.
Tenali Rama Tathacharya's real name is Pankaj Berry.
Another TV show like Tenali Rama is Yam Hai Hum.
There is one season of the show Tenali Rama as of 2022.
There is no official Instagram ID of Tenali Rama.

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