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Kabir Khan is the director of the 2017 Indian war drama movie Tubelight. It was created by Salman Khan and Kabir Khan and takes place during the Sino-Indian War of 1962. It features Zhu Zhu, Matin Rey Tangu, Om Puri, Navdeep Tomar, Isha Talwar, and Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub in supporting parts in addition to Salman Khan and Sohail Khan in the lead roles. It is adapted from the 2015 American film Little Boy.

Laxman Singh Bisht, a mentally disabled youngster in pre-independence India, is taunted by his companions and called "Tubelight" despite the defence of his younger brother Bharat. Their relationship deepens as they get older as a result of events like Gandhi visiting their class, India's freedom in 1947, Gandhi's execution, and the passing of their parents.

Following the Chinese invasion of India in October 1962, the Indian Army starts to build up recruitment centres. Only Bharat is chosen and given the Kumaon Regiment from their village. War is declared as they arrive at their post, and they are heavily attacked. Laxman runs from post to post in search of information about his brother while he waits for him to return.

Gogo Pasha, a magician he meets, demonstrates a magic trick for him by getting him to move a bottle without touching it. The key, according to Pasha, is "faith," and faith is capable of anything. He tries to explain the method to his villagers while unaware of it, but he is unsuccessful. Banne, a village elder, proclaims that "Faith moves a mountain" and describes how Laxman will come to faith. Bharat is captured in the meantime while being ambushed and evacuated after suffering an injury. Together with other prisoners, he devises an escape plot.

Laxman sees a boy named Gu Won and a woman named Le Leing enter a nearby house. He tries to report them to the authorities because he assumes they are Chinese based solely on appearance. Banne becomes furious and tells him to follow Gandhi's advice and make friends with the boy and woman. He eventually succeeds in making friends with them and discovers that they are Assamese and not Chinese.

Bharat's attempt to flee is unsuccessful, and his companions are slaughtered. He too has been shot and is unable to move. With no prospect of surviving, he trades his ripped shoes for another soldier's to give himself a chance to flee. However, the other man also perishes.

When Laxman discovers that his brother has been taken, he is devastated, but Leing comforts him and strengthens his faith. Laxman stops Narayan, a friend of Laxman, from attacking Won because he believes the man to be Chinese. Leing breaks down in tears and informs them that they are also Indians as he tries to persuade Laxman to avoid making friends with Chinese people lest he lose Bharat forever. Narayan challenges Laxman to move a mountain while he tries to express his belief in "faith"; Laxman appears to succeed as an earthquake is felt.

Following the declaration of a cease-fire, the Army starts returning bodies. Bharat is pronounced dead as they discover a dead body bearing his shoe tag. Now that Bharat has been killed, Laxman is distraught and thinks that everyone was wrong about him. Leing's father, who was missing, shows up as the friends celebrate the conclusion of the war. Leing and Gu console Laxman as they say goodbye and head back to Calcutta.

Laxman, who continues to have little faith in him, is informed about the error in identification made because of the mismatched shoes. They learn that Bharat is still alive but has forgotten everything. Laxman meets up with his brother at the hospital camp, and he is able to recognise him, maybe helping him regain his memories.

Director Kabir Khan
Music By Pritam
Production Company Salman Khan Films, Kabir Khan Films
Start Date 22 Jun 2017
Content Location Manali, Himanchal Pradesh
Country of Origin India
Genre War Drama
In Language Hindi
Producer Salman Khan, Kabir Khan, Salma Khan
Name Tubelight

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tubelight is a very popular Hindi movie
Tubelight Shoot location is Manali, Himanchal Pradesh
The release date of the movie Tubelight is 22 June 2017
Tubelight casts include Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Om Puri, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, Isha Talwar
Kabir Khan directed Tubelight
Yes. You can watch Tubelight online on Hotstar
The character name of Salman Khan in Tubelight is Laxman Singh Bisht.
The character name of Sohail Khan in Tubelight is Bharat Singh Bisht
The character name of Om Puri in Tubelight is Banne Chacha.
The character name of Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub in Tubelight is Narayan Lal Tiwari
The character name of Isha Talwar in Tubelight is Maya Singh Bisht
Tubelight is 2 hours and 16 minutes long.
Tubelight released in the year 2017.
The real name of Laxman Tubelight is Salman Khan.
Tubelight Bharat real name is Sohail Khan
No. Tubelight is not a new movie. It was released in the year 2017
Other movies like Tubelight are Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Border.
There is no official Instagram ID of Tubelight.

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