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Yaar Anmulle



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Anurag Singh's 2011 Punjabi film Yaar Annmulle was released in India. The film's leading actors are Arya Babbar, Yuvraj Hans, Harish Verma, Jividha Sharma, Kajal Jain, and Jenny Ghottra. The movie premiered on October 7, 2011.

Sher Singh (Harish Verma) meets his roommate Deep Sondhi on his first day of classes (Yuvraj Hans). Guru (Arya Babbar), their third roommate, rudely looks through their possessions. Sher Singh acknowledges his lack of English proficiency. According to Deep, he is there since it is close to his house and his mother.

Guru protects Sher and Deep from Saabu's hazing when they are in danger. Before turning in, Sher and Deep make a pact to enjoy their time at university, especially when it comes to meeting women.

Sher is drawn to the voice of Priyanka (Jenny Ghottra), a student, during a lecture, but pronounces her name incorrectly as Prinka. Amandeep Kaur Maan (Kajal Jain), the next female, is also from Deep's hometown.

Sher, Deep, and Amandeep's teacher notices them talking about Amandeep and asks them to introduce themselves. The following is Simarpreet Kaur Dhillon (Jividha Sharma), a past class valedictorian who is convinced she will continue to be. Guru has been failing his class for the past two years, according to the teacher. Guru humiliates the instructor.

Later, Sher makes an unsuccessful attempt to see Prinka's face. Once more, Sher and Deep are threatened with rustication; however, Guru defends them from their assailants and avoids rustication. Guru's father chastises him for causing trouble and warns him that if he doesn't change, he won't get anything.

Sher and Deep learn that Guru is upset about a female. Guru was beaten by Saabu and his companions, but Sher and Deep broke up the fight.

The three housemates get along.

The three men attempt to skip class, but Simarpreet draws the instructor's notice, and he ejects them. Sher eventually sees Priyanka's face. They start to get along.

Simarpreet is at the top of the class, but the other three men get low marks. They receive a reprimand from Simarpreet for not taking anything seriously. Deep learns that Guru creates poems as a means of letting go of the girl from his past. Deep sings a song based on Guru's lyrics during the university festival, revealing the real Guru. Simarpreet watches as Guru exits. Guru accepts her apology for her actions after she expressed regret.

The three boys visit Deep's mother, who discloses that Deep and Amandeep attended the same school. Deep admits to Guru and Sher that he has never told Amandeep that he loves her.

Priyanka is taken to a date by Sher. She informs him that she is there for her first date with Saabu when they get there. Sher was only her companion; they don't have any interests. Guru admits to Simarpreet that he feels responsible after learning that Sher is pining for Priyanka. However, Simarpreet plans Saabu's demise because they are aware that he is cheating with Priyanka. Priyanka regrets that she chose the wrong man, but she also regrets not completing her last project. This is heard by Sher. Sher was the only one who didn't comply, the teacher admits.

Sher will either have to repeat the entire year or quit. In pursuit of Sher, Priyanka catches Deep and Guru. She is informed by Guru that she is unworthy of Sher's friendship. At the train station, Priyanka runs into him and apologises. They begin dating after his pardon of her.

Simarpreet seeks Guru for a relationship when Guru finds her and thanks her. He consents. They are found by Guru's father, who queries why Guru is with her. Guru adores her and desires a marriage with her. Guru's father is curious about Guru's family. Simarpreet concurs, although she adds that Guru is her favourite because of his intellect. As a sign of their love, she swears that Guru will die this year.

Amandeep's marriage card, which details her "planned" union with a Sikh man, is found by Deep. Deep is persuaded by the boys to confess his feelings for her. She claims to have known, but it's now too late. When Amandeep's brothers discover them, Deep is beaten. Saabu blocks Guru and Sher's attempt to help Deep. He is ultimately defeated by Guru and Sher. They arrive at the hospital after a delay with Deep's mother. Deep thanks them as he awakens, but Amandeep is still getting married. They will, the Guru says. Deep grabs her hand during Amandeep's wedding, which enrages her family. Her affection for Deep is questioned by Amandeep's father.

He consents to their marriage since she affirms that she does. Their final exam scores are made public afterward. Sher outperforms Priyanka, Amandeep and Deep achieve the same outcomes, and Guru's father thanks Simarpreet for bringing Guru back to him. Guru's father only wants to see Simarpreet as his son's wife, not for her to further enhance Guru's grades.

After graduating two years later, the men consider their time in college. The girls couple up and depart for the farewell party as soon as they get there.

Director Anura Singh, Sukh Dhillo
Music By Gurmeet Singh
Production Company Kapil Batra Productions, Ohri Productions Pvt. Ltd
Content Location Punjab
Country of Origin India
Genre Comedy
In Language Punjabi
Producer Rajan Batra, Tinu Luthra, Vivek Ohri
Name Yaar Anmulle

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yaar Anmulle is a very popular Punjabi movie.
Yaar Anmulle Shoot location is Punjab.
The release date of the movie Yaar Anmulle is 7 October 2011.
Yaar Anmulle casts include Arya Babbar, Yuvraj Hans, Harish Verma, Jividha Sharma, Kajal Jain, and Jenny Ghottra.
Anurag Singh directed Yaar Anmulle.
Yes. You can watch Yaar Anmulle online on Amazon Prime Video.
The character name of Arya Babbar in Yaar Anmulle is Guru.
The character name of Harish Verma in Yaar Anmulle is Sher.
The character name of Yuvraj Hans in Yaar Anmulle is Deep.
The character name of Kajal Jain in Yaar Anmulle is Amandeep.
The character name of Jividha Sharma in Yaar Anmulle is Simarpreet.
Yaar Anmulle is 130 Minutes long.
The real name of Guru Yaar Anmulle is Arya Babbar.
Yaar Anmulle Sher real name is Harish Verma.
No. Yaar Anmulle is not a new movie. It was released in the year 2011.
Other movies like Yaar Anmulle are Yaar Anmulle Returns and Naughty Jatts.
There is no official Instagram ID of Yaar Anmulle.

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