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A person who writes music is known as a composer. Western classical music composers or people who work as composers are specifically referred to by this word. Many composers are or were also accomplished musicians.

Any person who writes music is referred to as a "composer" in the broadest sense.

More precisely, it is frequently used to refer to individuals who work as composers or who follow the Western classical music tradition. Composers are those who write only or mostly songs, but since the 20th century, the labels "songwriter" or "singer-songwriter" are more frequently employed, especially in the popular music tradition.

Composers can create and disseminate music in a variety of ways across countries and traditions. In a lot of popular music, the composition is created by the composer and then passed down orally. On the other hand, in some Western classical traditions, music can be created aurally—that is, in the musician's head—and then written down and transmitted through written records.

Bachelor of Music (B.Mus. or B.M.) degrees in composition are four-year programmes that give the student a more well-rounded education by including individual composition lessons, amateur orchestra/choral experience, and a series of courses in music history, music theory, and liberal arts (such as English literature). Before graduating, composition students typically have to finish important works or songs. Not all composers have a B.Mus in composition; some also have one in music theory or performance.

Many colleges demand a PhD degree in order to become a tenure-track professor. The Doctor of Musical Arts, as opposed to the PhD, is the most important doctoral degree in composition; the PhD is granted in music, but usually for areas like musicology and music theory.

Doctor of Musical Arts degrees in composition (abbreviated D.M.A., DMA, D.Mus.A., or A.Mus.D.) offer opportunities for advanced study at the highest artistic and pedagogical level and typically require an additional 54+ credit hours beyond a master's degree (which is about 30+ credits beyond a bachelor's degree). Because of this, entrance is extremely competitive. Students are required to turn in samples of their writing.

In India, the list of composers looks very promising and talented. Some of them include Salim Merchant, Meet Bros, Daboo Malik, Manasi Scott, Ankit Tiwari, Aakriti Kakkar, and Abu Malik.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Music Composer is a very popular Profession.
Music Composer is any person who writes and creates music.
The proffession is very close and related. However, a singer and Music Composer is not the same.
Famous Music Composers include Salim Merchant, Meet Bros, Daboo Malik, Manasi Scott, Ankit Tiwari, Aakriti Kakkar, and Abu Malik.
You can become Music Composer by studying and pursuing an Undergraduate , Graduate and masters degree in Music Composer.
Yes you can pursue Music Composer by pursuing degrees like M mus. , and D.M.A (Doctor Of Musical Arts).
India has various good Music Composers and it is difficult to point out the best. Some of the best are Salim Merchant, Pritam, Vishal-Shekhar, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, and Meet Bros.
No. Music Composer is not a new profession. It has been existent from ages.
Other professions like Music Composer are Music Director and Singer.

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